Cost of gynae in Cork

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MrsFitz Posts: 162
Just wondering what are the costs of going private in Cork
bugandbaby Posts: 23
Is approx 3k. I attended Dan Mc Kenna and can't recommend him highly enough. He was 3,200 in 2008 but he is one of the most expensive around. Most of my friends are paying approx 3k now
roxylady Posts: 69
Hi :wv I am going private aswell,have Dr. Anna Arya, had to pay €1,500 on first visit and I presume the balance of €1,500 is due when baby is delivered...
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Im attending DR Matt Hewwit and am paying €3000. i will pay €1500 on first visit and the other €1500 on the 3rd visit.
DueMarch2010 Posts: 2
Hi girls, I'm just newly pregnant and wondering how I go about getting a list of consultants in Cork? are they all around 3k??? I want to ring as soon as possible as I know they're impossible to get into thanks ps: going anon as my friends know my logon here :wv
Happy Mammie Posts: 1507
Due March2010 if you phone the cumh they will give you a list of the gynes. Dr Matt Hewitt's number is 49413927 Cumh is 4920500 Congratulations on your BFP
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I'm with Keelin O'Donoghue and she's €3k. My GP gave me a list of them when I went for my first appointment to her at 4 weeks. Also, I didn't have any problem with availability with any of them - i called 7 and all of them were available for my dates. A big change from a few years ago, I know.
DueMarch2010 Posts: 2
Thanks so much for that information! Good to hear that they are not as busy as before (for us I mean). I have had a few gynae problems so I definitely want to go private. I will ring both my Doc and CUMH - thanks :wv