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gael Posts: 38
This may be a silly question, but this is my first pregnancy...Do you have to pay the hospital for delivering the baby and if so how much? Don't have insurance...Cheers..
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
if you are going public you pay nothing, not sure about semi private or private as i wnet public
silíní Posts: 4219
If you go private you have to pay about 2000-3000, but that's on top of health insurance, so not sure how much it is if you havent any insurance. If public, it's all free!
Apple tree Posts: 139
Ye just was at the doctors yesterday and was told public is all free and private you have to pay for the Antenatel care as Insurance does not cover this and I was quoted 2500.00 but i have VHI so you would have to find out about it if you have none as you will be charged alot more . hope this helps.