Cost of Hypnobirthing Versus Gentlebirthing Course

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Domestic Goddess Posts: 101
Hi Wollies, I'm 20 weeks now and have made up my mind to explore the whole hypnobirthing thing! My friend did a hypnobirthing course in Dungarvan and said it cost €120. I looked up the gentlebirthing course and its a whopping €370 including the costs of the CD's. This is just too expensive for me, the CD's at €70 are a stretch!! Anyone know why there is such a price difference?! Tks.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Domestic Goddess, the gentlebirth course is a specific hypnobirthing course which is designed for self study by an Irish woman. The beauty of this is that you can just get the cds and diy! there is no necessity for a workshop or anything else. I can't say exactly what the other course is as I've no first hand knowledge of it but I believe it is based on the american system by Marie Mongan Hypnobirthing which can really only be undertaken with a certified hypnobirth practitioner. It is usually a series of 5 2.5 hour classes. There is a book you can get but it is v difficult to follow yourself and you don't get the cd they refer to constantly with it. I think in the end they are similar as both are trying to get you relax and cope with what is happening so that you can release any fear and tension during labour. Hopefully someone who's tried the Hypnobirth course will chime in. :wv
TracyD Posts: 750
Hi DG, If price is your only consideration then €120 for a 12 hour course is a steal! :-) There’s definitely a wide range of prices around Ireland for HypnoBirthing classes – anywhere from €500 in Cork for 12 hours of tuition to €470 in Dublin for 8 hours so it’s always a good idea to shop around and find the course that suits your needs. The GentleBirth weekend is €375 for 12 hours and free follow up private appointments are included - but in 4 years of teaching I’ve only had about 5 couples request extra sessions (for breech babies). I originally certified as a HypnoBirthing teacher but found the course didn’t translate into the Irish system very well as the focus was purely on hypnosis as being your only tool during labour. GentleBirth also has a focus on self hypnosis but that’s expanded on day 2 to a long list of other tools to help Mum stay comfortable during the birth process and on navigating the Irish system rather than the US system. I’m not sure if the HypnoBirthing materials have changed since I first trained but you used to get 1CD with 2 practice tracks, including the GentleBirth Mp3s you get 13. Here’s a link to the main differences in the two programs. Best of luck with the course - practice, practice, practice and apply it all on the day! Tracy