Cost of Scan if going public in sligo gen!

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crazylady10 Posts: 539
Hi girls Just a quick question in regards to the cost of the 20 wk anomoly scan when your going public, ive had a few people telling me different things. one was saying that cos your public you dnt pay (she's going public herself and is 34 wks pregnant) and another girl is going public too and said she had to pay 160 yoyo's for the scan. both of these were in sligo general where i will be attending aswell! Can anyone clarify this for me! I cant get an answer of the hospital dept! Typical! :o0
newmammy Posts: 115
I did not attend Sligo General but I was a public patient and as far as i am aware everything is covered when your public regardless of what hospital you attend in the country. I had loads of scans because I had a low lying placenta and I was never asked to pay for any of them.
crazylady10 Posts: 539
Thanks newmammy! I presume aswell that all hospitals are playing by the same rules aswell! Thanks!
micksmrs Posts: 931
Ciara, I am attending Sligo General as a Public Patient and have paid for nothing, we had our scan at 22 weeks. HTH. Good luck with the pregnancy. :wv
crazylady10 Posts: 539
thanks micksmrs! Hope your pregnancy is going well. Can i ask u another question, ive my first consultant visit tomorrow with dr langan, i have only seen the GP before this. Did you get a quick scan on your first consultant visit? DH is meant to be working tomorrow but doesnt want to miss it!