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Gaby1 Posts: 5
Hi Folks, I'm working on my budget, and I've drawn a blank re how much we sold pay the priest for doing the wedding service? I have a feeling it's a discretionary amoutn but I don't want to pay to much or too little...hmm- really unsure...I was thinking of asking him out - what he normally receives, but in case I don't get an answer....can anyone help please?? Thanks - all advice welcome :-8 :o)ll
daisybabe Posts: 767
I think its usually about €150 to the priest & €50 to the sacrestian. HTH :wv
Mrs W Posts: 2923
i'm getting married outside my own parish and i had to give the church 400 as i am a non parishioner, no discussion, it was on the booking form. i have a different priest marrying us so how much do i give him? and do i give anything to my own parish priest who did the prenuptial enquiry with me? he was by far the nicest and even gave me a lovely book he had written himself with all the different possible reading and prayers in it
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
We got married in our own parish and gave the priest €200. Just wrote on the envelope that it was for the priest and sacristan included. We didn't have altar servers; the priests choice. I think you have to pay them too.