Cost of Tilers,anyone know?

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mrs moon Posts: 129
Hey guys, Does anyone know the average charge for a professional tiler per sq. yard?
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Not sure it is almost 3 years since I got my bathrooms done think it was about 20euro at that time, try posting over in house and home and someone might know
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
I think 20-25 is a good price...
Yellow Elley Posts: 1522
Where are you based, location determines price. Cork is roughly €23-25 Getting mine for €14.55, thanks to Kellyc :o)ll :o)ll , hes from Kerry
bride. Posts: 3014
We had an excellent tiler recently. We spent 980eu on tiles and it cost us 980 to get the tiles put up. I can't remember what it is per sq yard though sorry!!
Baby06 Posts: 307
Ours is roughly €25 but it depends on the type of tiles as well. Marble will cost alot more than ceramic.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Plus if you are getting marble tiles you will need a specially qualified tiler to lay them. Most tilers will baulk at the idea of laying marble tiles. They need a special cutter and they needto come back and go over the tiles a few times after being laid to make sure they don't move. I know this from bitter experience of having to return my beautiful marble tiles and get porcelain ones instead as I couldn't get a tiler who laid marble ones. Don't skimp on a good tiler if you can afford it and if you can, only employ a tiler after seeing his work in someone else's property. I wish to God I had.