Cot and Bassinet ???

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PSF Posts: 157
Hi girls, Just wondering are you going with a cot and bassinet or just a cot? Planning on having baby in our bedroom for 1st few months but room is quite small so was thinking bassinet might be good option but not sure if it's worth extra cost?? Opinions please. :)
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
we're getting the loan of one. I'm not sure I could justify spending money on something that might last babs as little as 10 weeks.
Daff Posts: 11644
I have my moses basket from when I was born, it's quite big and DD got about 5 months out of it so hopefully this LO will too. We only used that at daytime. In our room we borrowed a crib and DD was in that til 6 months and then started getting her arms caught in it as it was so tight around her and she was turning over. She's not in a travel cot just off our room as her nursery is on a different floor to our room. Trying to get her in her own cot now as want her well settled before the baby arrives!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
We have a moses basket for down stairs and a loan of a "swing crib" for our room and then a cot bed in baby's room, the reason I have both a moses basket and crib is I couldnt be @rsed carrying the moses basket upstairs everynight and then bringing back down each morning :wv
borntobeamammy Posts: 324
we have a crib for our room and have a travel cot/pram for downstairs and will have a cotbed when babs ges to there own not a big fan of oses baskets for personal reasons!!! do what ever is easiest for you!!!