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MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
Hi guys I am probably being very naive with this, but someone told me that cot bumpers aren't suitable for small babies but they couldn't tell me when they were safe from... Can anyone shed any light on this please as some of them are beautiful but I want to be doing things right!! Thanks!
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi Bubbly bride. I have been told this as well. I think it's because you are supposed to let the air circulate through the bars in the cot & if there were cot bumpers on it this would be restricted. That's what I've been told by people anyway! (not by the professionals)
lindy Posts: 1135
Never heard of this. Ive used them on both my kids and on this nipper too.My kids go into a cot around the 3 month mark the bumper on the cot is there for baby when he/she is on the move and spent hurt themselves bang there heads there arm or leg go true the bars. There used for safety on baby and while baby is in the cot the bumper stays.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
My midwife told me bumpers are not advised! Said you need plently of air circulating around the cot and it is preferable just to not use them at all...... Thing is others may say differently.. it's so hard not to get conflicting advise on all aspects of pregancy and parenting these days - you never know who to believe O:| O:|
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
well we only put one on DS cot when he started moving around as he was banging his head etc., when he was about 7/8 months?? I was only thinking last night that I might remove it as he can stand etc now and doesn't really need it anymore. When they are ickle, they don't need one.
ellee Posts: 666
I was actually given a cot bumper set from mothercare which had a warning label SAYING to take it off when putting the baby down for the night :eek why are they even selling stuff that's unsafe beats me. I think they probably become safer as risk of SIDS decreases basically. The smaller and weaker the baby, the less able they are to move away from something which is blocking their breathing...
Toots12 Posts: 894
Bubblybride, you'll find lots of opinions for and against cot bumpers. For - they help to protect baby from banging their head/limbs against the rails of the cot Against - some babies have been known to put their heads underneath the bumper, so it may impact their breathing. The decision is completely a personal choice. We got a present of one, but ended up not using it as I was just afraid DD would get her head caught under it. She does bang herself off the side of the cot every now again, but obviously not too hard as she never seems to be too upset about it!!!
Fairywings Posts: 360
I don't see anything wrong with using a bumper, I did with my DD but only when she started moving around and hitting off the side of the cot during the night. There is no need to use a bumper from day 1 as baby doesnt' move for a good while and they are small enough that if you place them in the middle their little arms won't hit the sides of the cot for a while. Its also better not to have it on at the start cause if you wake up during the night you can clearly see your baby through the bars of the cot, whereas the bumper will restrict your view of the baby.