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dulaigh Posts: 57
Ok have a moses basket from my friend and have ordered a cot, just wondering can you use the moses basket and then put the baby into the cot, or do I need to have a crib aswell? Our room isnt too big so moses basket would fit fine but no way would the cot go in O:|. I can get the loan of a crib but dont want to take un necessary furniture if I dont need it! Clueless sorry!!
candypants Posts: 8575
No you dont "need" a crib. Were going from moses basket to cot. Its just another thing to be spending money on that you dont need.
happymonkey Posts: 555
I wasn't planning on having anything except moses basket until babies too big for it. Space is tiny here and practically no storage. My couch will be my headquarters and the changing table (with built in bath) in the corner of the room will be where all the action takes place.
jan8 Posts: 554
we were same as you, just got basket and cot. no room in our bedroom for cot; problem arose when ds grew out of basket but was still too young to go into his own room! so we bought a crib as well in the end. in hindsight we maybe could have put him in his room a bit earlier. on the other hand, i don't regret buying the crib and if we'd had it from the start, there'd have been less messing around with carrying the basket up and down the stairs every day...
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
we also plan on going from a moses basket to a crib, dont think there is any need for a crib at all.
Daff Posts: 11644
it depends on your hosue and space really. We got a cotbed, was a nightmare to put together so once it was in the nursery there was no way we were moving it! We borrowed a crib and had that in our room then in the living room we had the moses basket (was mine from when i was a baby). We've a three storey house and the last thing I needed was to be carrying a moses basket up adn down the stairs each morning and night. So we basically had somewhere for DD to sleep on each level of the house - even in later months it was so handy having the moses basket there to have somewhere to put her when I needed to do something! DD was in crib til 6 months and then we put her in travel cot in a small area just off our bedroom cause I was still BF at night and no way was I going up and down flights of stairs during the night!