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missybride Posts: 304
hi girls where do u start with moses basket/cot mattresses! lol there seem to be so many types? have any of u made the decision yet?
baby2010 Posts: 908
I'm going to go with the Mothercare ones, we're getting the moses basket and cot from friends so I've to get a mattress for both. If you look up the mothercare website there's a fairly good description on there about the different types. Or if you're in 1 of their shops get a catalogue and there's quite alot of detail in there about them. I haven't really decided on which to go for for the cot yet cos we'll be using the moses basket for a few weeks 1st.
missybride Posts: 304
thanks baby anyone else?
nini83 Posts: 1917
we are getting ours in mama's and papa's the girl was brilliant there showing and explaining each one (blanchardstown) the name escapes me now of the one we picked sorry but it has 4 layers like anti bacterial etc etc would recommend checking them out tho think our cot one was one hundred and something i'm so srry for scatty info im just wrecked and have baby brain hope this helps a bit :-8