Cot or Cot Bed - I'm clueless!

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Hi Girls For those of you who have babies already – did you have a cot or a cot bed? I’m not sure which is the best one to get, on one hand I’m thinking the Cot Bed as you will get longer use out of it (even though anyone that i look at you can’t lower the sides but they have adjustable mattress heights) but a few mums have said that they went with the cot as their child went from the cot to a normal single bed and getting the cot bed would be a waste Any advice would be greatly appreciated
big mama Posts: 623
hi babs 76, i have had both,at the moment ds who is 3 is still in cot bed its just a mini bed low to the ground he just never slept well in his cot and was in the cot bed from an early age maybe one , he will be goin into a big bed soon maybe when my nb is round 6 months. as i will need cot back again. its really up to you i got the cot bed as a present from mil and i have had great use out of it i dont think i would of used a normal cot as long so saved me money .
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Hi I found the Cot Bed brilliant for DS, he was in it as a cot from 4 months to age 2. Then converted it to the low bed part, and he was in that till 3.5 and then went into a proper single bed. We have dumped the old mattress and have a new mattress ready for this little one. I think it was great for DS and would recommend it.
babs76 Posts: 1000
thanks girls for the advice
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I'm going for a cot but this is because there really isn't enough space in our bedroom for the bigger cot bed.... don't want to move babs into the nursery too soon...
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
We are definately getting a cot bed. My only problem is whether to use it from birth or whether to get a crib also for the first 5 or 6 months and then use the cot bed once the baby moves out to their own room?
Skippy Posts: 1834
I got a cot bed as I thought I would get loads of use out of it. But my DD is huge, 2.5 stone and about 90cms. She's only turned 2 in August, but she's a big girl! I'm realising the cot bed is not as big as a normal single bed and it's rapidly becoming too small for her . I've taken the side off it and use one of those guard rail things to keep her in it, but if that wasn't on it she would very easily roll out of it. As soon as we move to a bigger house, with more storage (please god in the next few months) we will be getting her a proper single bed. I won't be buying one again!
marianf Posts: 5845
I put a lot of thought into this one during the early hours of Sun morning. Our house is fully furnished and the room that will be our nursery has 2 single beds in it. One a low bed and one regular bed. I was going to get a cot bed but this would mean that I would have to store the low single bed for years! We intend leaving the other single in the nursery so if baby is sick / unsettled, one of us can stay in the room with them. It got me thinking that cot beds are a relatively new invention and none of us ever had them and it didn't do us any harm. So we have decided just to get a cot and when baby grows out of the cot, we will put them in the low single bed with a safety guard on it. Like this one from mothercare [img:205m2a6j][/img:205m2a6j] Worst case scenario is that we will just use a mattress on the floor for the first while. My research also found that if you are planning on having 2 kids close in age (which we probably will as I will be nearly 35 when our baby is born) it is better to have a cot as the older child will still be using the cot bed when the 2nd baby is born. HTH
babs76 Posts: 1000
Our bedroom is tiny and i will barely get the crib into it so i have no choice but to move the baby out as soon as he/she gets too big for the crib (think that's around 5-6 mnts but again i suppose it depends on the baby and the size etc) ....well that's the plan anyway but sure that could all change