Couch potato to 5k app?

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Chica1 Posts: 793
Just wondering if you could tell me what free couch potato to 5k app you use? I downloaded one but it was only free for first four runs. Thanks in advance.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I really like this one - She has play lists you can download and she gives the cues over the music.
Asscher Posts: 732
I know you said free but I would really recommend the 'Get Running' app. I think it is €2.79 but most definitely worth it. It is a 9 week program and will have you doing 5k in that time or very close to it. I found it really good as the trainer 'talks' to you and tells you when to run, stop etc. It also allows you to play music and it will just pause your music when the trainer speaks and then re start it automatically.
lollisue Posts: 507
I use C25K by Guy Hoffman. The lite version is free for the whole 9 weeks. It works well, the only thing i found is that you can't really use other apps when it's on or it stops. So if i have the radio on it's fine, but if i try to change the radio station then it pauses the C25K. I usually listen to the same station though so not too much of an issue!
gingerwhinger Posts: 1421
I use the c25k by zen labs. It has the whole 9 weeks. Also have the 10k by zen labs too. It has the 9 weeks of c25k and then moves on from there to 10k. Both free
Chica1 Posts: 793
Thanks for the replies.