Cough bottle thats safe to take in pregnancy?

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lisa Posts: 1612
Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a cough bottle that is safe to take in pregnancy? Throat and chest raw from trying to clear flem (sorry tmi). Help, am feeling so sick.
bam bam Posts: 1756
Ah ya poor thing, i've been like that for the last week, don't think there's much ya can do i'm afraid other than taking some paracetamol, gargle warm salty water for your throat and drink lots of hot lemon, honey and brown sugar!!
doolittle Posts: 910
There is a cough bottle that you can get in Chemists, its just called glycerin, honey and lemon, theres no brand name on it. Its very good and eases a sore throat!
lisa Posts: 1612
Cheers girls. Have been given a home remedy that seems to be helping a bit. Its definitely softening cough but still cant clear it. Feeling absolutely hideous. Think I will have to resort to antibiotic. Feeling a bit feverish now to top it off.
lisa Posts: 1612
Well, I gave in and went and got the antibiotic dr gave me in case I got worse. Was running a temp and read in what to expect that running a temp can be dangerous for the baby so that made decision for me. pharmacist was great, totally reassured me that dr wouldnt prescribe unless he was sure.