Could a scan be wrong?

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nettie07 Posts: 293
Hi everyone, Just wondering could your date scan be wrong, ive had 3scans already all giving me a due date of the 23rd of dec. Was at the gp yesterday( who isnt my usually as my uusual is on maternity leave) when she examined my bump she thought i was about 28 weeks and not 23 weeks. Has this ever happened to anyone else im bit confused, Nettie
Wiggles Posts: 629
i would go with the scan dates. It is possible for you doctor to feel your tummy and meausre that you are further than the scan says .. as the doctor is only measuring from the outside .. however the scan is measuring the actual size of the baby. I was always been told that i measured bigger for my time.. but my baby came on time of scan. So dont be worrying .. your scan is not wrong !
jellybaby Posts: 2316
nettie, I'd go with the scan dates, especially if they've all given you the same date. 5 weeks is a long time for the scan dates to be out by, so I'd trust the scan. I know we're both in Waterford, and I have a gp appointment today - my usual gp is on maternity leave so I'll be seeing her replacement - bet we're seeing the same person :lol:!! I'll let you know if she says something similar to me...
bellabella Posts: 2750
OH nettie,i dont know.Do you know when your last period was?
nettie07 Posts: 293
thanks girls, I thought 5 weeks was a big difference, so i was starting to worry as im not that organised. I was so confused as how could 3 scans be wrong. Jellybaby were nearly pg twins, i dint see her replacement saw my gp that i used to go to( same surgery).
Its a Secret Posts: 178
Nettie, Wit my limited experience (I have had 2 scans) I would defo go with the scan. They measure the baby itself e.g. head or length of torso so that would be way more accurate then the size of your bump! HTH
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote:2r07m5qf]Jellybaby were nearly pg twins, i dint see her replacement saw my gp that i used to go to( same surgery).[/quote:2r07m5qf] Oops, sorry for the confusion! That's a relief though. Am seeing her replacement for the first time today, so I'm a bit nervous about what to expect from her. As far as I know anyway, it will be the hospital who keep a record of your due date, and the gp couldn't change it just by her measurements, so nothing to worry about...... Although you could tell the hospital what she thinks, and maybe get another scan done - just to see baby again ;) :lol:
nettie07 Posts: 293
Dont worry jellbaby, my mam saw her replacement ans said she is really nice. Yeah was thinking that they probably will do another scan if their not happy. if baby does arrive a liitle early then we expected it would be great, no rotten hospital christmas dinner :lol: Thanks girls
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
I'd definitely go with the scan. If you get a hold of your file you'll see that when they measure the baby on the scan they have a list of meaurements and facts to go with it. They measure the size of the baby and compare it to your EDD. My baby last week was measuring 2 days longer than average in one measurement for my EDD and 1 day shorter in another one and spot on in the last one. So all in all they reckon that their EDD is correct and the baby is growing at the correct rate. The GP will be taking a measurement with a tape and feeling the height of your placenta (which depends on where your placenta is attached inside the womb), so really its guesswork after that. I never have much faith anymore in replacement GP's I have to admit not since I came across the one who was insisting that my Honeymoon Safari wouldn't be in the countryside so I wouldn't need vacinations because I wouldnt' be coming into contact with animals or rivers.... Ditsy eejit I paid her €40 for that and had to go back to the real GP the next week and pay it again!