Could anyone recommend a good family GP in Newbridge?

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DGil Posts: 129
Hello, myself and DH have recently bought a house in Newbridge and currently i dont have a GP Really dont like the one i went to about Preg, but knew i was moving anyway so didnt mind But now that we are moving to the area long term, i would like a nice GP that you can trust and is friendly! Since moving from the country, i find all GPs to be so impersonal and feel like their barely doing their job. Just get ya out the door asap. Now i know they are not all like that but i seem to have a habit of picking them, so would really appreciate your help! Thanks a millon
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
Eamonn Dillon is mine I think he's brill, his number is 045432464, but if you want a female doc I recommend Mary McDonnell. Welcome to Newbridge...PM me if you need to know anything about the area..I'm a native :wv :wv
discuss1 Posts: 329
Well done on moving to NB a good decision I use to live there it's great. I would reccomend Mary McDonnell too!!
a19751 Posts: 6
Hi I can throughly recommend Dr Sahar Aboutiye, she is a OBY/GY - (normally in Portlaoise Hospital) Clinic hours are Monday/ Thur evening and Saturday mornings - most Dr's in newbridge are 9 to 5 hours - not a great help to those of us that work I am attending her myself and cant priase enough such a lovley natured woman, the clinic is located near Curragh Grange if you are fimilar with that side of Newbridge
katgirl Posts: 1258
HI im in Newbridge aswell and I go to Dr Micheal/Mary Mc Donnell in Newbridge Family practice the no is 045434885- its in orchard house its just behind Finlays Garage, ive never seen Dr Mary I attend Dr Micheal and he is very nice , good luck
DGil Posts: 129
Thanks girls for all your replies, having my first private scan tomorrow so will organise a doctor after that. We still havent moved to area so could be kind of awkward for a while but would prefer to be with same person throughout pregnancy. Hopefully we will get a date for the big move for sometime in May Cant wait to move to Newbridge, dont know alot about the area except to get to Whitewater and Penny's!! so you may regret offering services of advice in the area Bunnyhop1!! Good to hear that you have all nice things to say about it, i get a good feel from the town! Thanks again :wv
a19751 Posts: 6
Hi DGIl, Just to let you know if you decide to go with Dr Sahar, she has a ultrasound machine in her clinic, great for getting little mini scans while waiting to go to the hospital
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
:o0 probs!!!