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im waiting Posts: 2727
I'm definetly not as big this time around as I was with dd. I know this might sound really really silly and I should be delighted but do you not tend to be bigger 2nd and 3rd time around? I know I might be a right paranoid freak and I've no reason to have an unhealthy baby or pregnancy but as I feel I didn't get a proper check up at my last hosp appt 2 wks ago , I've basically only had 1 scan (at 11 weeks), which means their could be a problem but hospital never took the time to check everything was ok I might get a 3d scan done or an anomaly scan done for reassurance as I think I really need it and I firmly believe that when that niggling feeling that something isn't right doesn't go away, it could be our instinct telling us to get it checked out
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I'd say if you feel you need to get it checked out, I'd get it checked out.. but it's probably nothing at all. The only thing is, I wonder if the mind plays tricks on you and it's hard to remember what size you were exactly - my manager brought in pics of the night before she gave birth to her twins and was trying to tell me that this other girl on our team who was 7 months was bigger than she was in the picture! She was nowhere NEAR bigger! She went on to say the same to me and I know I've measured bang on for my dates. I know you are the opposite and think you were way bigger but maybe you felt that way because it was your first? It's hard on your first to realise how big you will really get so you feel massive as soon as you have a bump. Even other people will think you look tidy because of course the last time they will have seen you pregnant you will have been big? Just a thought??
im waiting Posts: 2727
Probably everything is ok but I don't think I'm going to be reassured until the hospital check everything for me or else get an anomaly scan. I probably do need to take a chill pill but i have to say I'm only worried since my hospital check up as I left more confused and frustrated than I went in because I actually wasn't worried before going in I'll definetly have their heads wrecked at my next hosp appt if they don't actually check that everything is ok with babs, as they should do Luckily I'm due to see doc next week so I'll defo be taking my frustrations out on him as he's a great doc and great listener :o)ll
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi I'm Waiting, sorry to hear that you're so worried at the moment. I've had my fair share of being panicked at times as well over the past few months as I've been quite small from the beginning. Even now, with one week to go to my due date, people are telling me I'm very tidy and could pass for being 6 months pg. Why don't you ask your GP to measure your bump, this has really kept me reassured. Your bump should measure in CMs the number of weeks that you're at (at 20 weeks it should measure 20cm). I got my DH to do it once but he didn't do it right, as they measure from your pubic bone and not exactly where I would have thought my bump started (luckily - cause I went into a panic when it seemed to be measuring small!). HTH Good luck :wv