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holidaygirl Posts: 2
Got enagaged v recently n have a sister who tends to watch/follow evthing I do and follow suit(polite words for copy) , lo and behold as I had predicted she got engaged a few weeks later (they r not even going out long) I had to grin and bear it while neighbours , old relatives etc got us confused as to who got enagaged... they weer all confiused as they didnt even know she had a boyf... she is now in the process of copying my wedding plans... I cant say anything to my family as I will look like the petty one.. even thoiugh a few poeple have remarked on how close together we gor enagaged... I am happy for her but feel that she could have waited a little longer before announcing her news so close to mine and copying my wedding plans.. I just have to grin and bear it .. am really hurt as I have spoken to her lots of times before bout her copying evething I do ..
lets go fly a kite Posts: 2388
Do you really think she made a major life decision to copy you?
milis Posts: 7998
Turn it around, if your sister got engaged before you and h2b then proposed, would you say 'no, my sister is engaged'? We got engaged a month after h2b's brother, and we're getting married before them, nobody was upset about this, (thank god because I wouldn't have entertained it). When you say copying your wedding plans, what do you mean?
Brideofthedecade Posts: 587
Is she getting married in the same church, reception in same hotel? Is she wearing the same dress? Is it on the same day? Weddings are pretty similar anyway, so if none of the above apply, just let her get on with it and enjoy your own planning
NemoFish Posts: 2501
How is she copying you? Sure as long as yours is first....
milis Posts: 7998
I think I smell a :troll: :action28
AnnieC. Posts: 114
I know what you mean Holidaygirl. When you get engaged you expect to have a bit of limelight for a while and it's nice. We put off our engagement as H2B's brother had planned to get engaged at the same time, his W2B's relative then took ill and they put it off for a while so we waited even longer. It was worth it though. Try keeping all your plans to yourself, it'll be hard but just say you want to surprise everyone on the day or something like that.
AnnieC. Posts: 114
playabella Posts: 543
Hi Holidaygirl, I can see your point but short of having it out with her - what can you do? You will only, as you said, look petty and unreasonable. Try a different approach - you now have someone you can share all the planning with. I think it would be nice doing that with your sister. Get her to do some of the work - sourcing suppliers etc... You can still have different weddings - I'm sure she will not have exactly the same taste as you, and anyway if your day is first - who cares if her's is similar? Believe me - not everyone likes wedding talk so I think you are lucky to have someone you can share it all with. Good Luck
jan8 Posts: 554
i sypmathise with ya holidaygirl. presuming it was her boyf who proposed he should have had the manners to wait a bit. it's common sense. i know i'd be really pi##ed off if it were me!