Could I be having labour pains?

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Avon Dee Posts: 155
Hi girls, Been up the past 2 nights with pains etc all over, last night was worse tho, I actually had wave like pains on my left side but not on my right. I remember when I was in labour on my daughter I had the contractions on both sides if ya know what I mean, had pains all day and here I am again tonight and I cant get to sleep cos of the pain in my left side. Earlier today in work I had kinda like shooting pains in my fallulla and now tonight I've alot of discomfort in my back passage Gonna go to doc in the morning but dunno if I'm imagining it or what!?
theoracle Posts: 7664
Could be just the way baby is positioned, it may be leaning on a nerve with its bum or legs, and remember it is getting tighter for babs in there. Hope all goes well for you and good luck at the doctors.