Could I be pregnant?

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magryan14 Posts: 186
Hi girls, very new to the ttc part of my life and have a feeling I might be pregnant. I did a test three weeks ago as when I had my period I only had 3days of very light bleeding and wasn't sure if that was spotting. However got a negative result. However this week I've been feeling like there is a lump of food in my mouth all day and I felt really nauseous when I looked at food yesterday morning. My boobs are tender and I'm all bloated. Did anyone else have these signs in very early pregnancy? Hubby keeps saying he thinks I'm pregnant but test said no two weeks ago. Could it be too early for a bfp test result??
Rainbowbrite84 Posts: 55
You might be as sounds like the first test was a little early for a positive result- now that another 2 weeks have passed Id say it's a good time to go out and buy another test and see what it says.... If you still get negative but continue to have symptoms and no period for another 2 weeks then try again with another test... I did 6 tests in total LOL as first few gave very faint lines and my GP said to wait a few weeks and if still no period and a stronger line appears then you're pregnant! Best of luck!!!
magryan14 Posts: 186
Thanks rainbowbrite84, fingers crossed. I keep thinking I might be but then tell myself it's because we want to be expecting soon. Also had major increased sense of smell about 2weeks ago where I could pick out smells in staff room, not normally so sensitive but that only lasted a week so think it might be unconnected :babydust:
clarenenes Posts: 118
You maybe when's your next period due? Maybe go out and buy a clear blue digital as it'll give you a precise result. Best of luck
magryan14 Posts: 186
Hi clarenes. Next period is due on Thursday so I guess I'll know soon enough. The skin on my face is all red and blotchy since yesterday and everything I put on it makes it sting. I booked to see doctor tomorrow so hopefully she can check everything out. ;o( :duh: :o( just seem to be feeling worse. Probably not pregnant >:o( I doubt I'd have had pregnancy signs this early
clarenenes Posts: 118
Magryan14 how are you feeling now?
josefa Posts: 10
magryan14 Posts: 186
Clarenes, still much the same. Af is due tomorrow so will know soon. Rash was an allergic reaction to something I ate - I have lots of food issues so just me. Hubby reckons I'm pregnant, he says my normal af signs aren't there at all. I'd normally have lots of mucous, none this time, last period had v little. Fingers crossed and :babydust: to everyone
clarenenes Posts: 118
Fingers crossed it'll be good news tomorrow. The clear blue digital would be accurate today
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
Best of luck for tomorrow! I don't know how you haven't tested again by now! I'd be poas like a mad woman at this stage haha!