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lamb nose Posts: 679
Hi girls, Have just done a clear blue early responce test and I am a little confused about the results! The result window shows a strong blue horizonital line which means not pregnant. However, I can also see another very faint blue line running up and down. Does this mean I am pregnant? I know the cross sign means you are pregnant but the line is very faint so I am not sure. I am due my AF in 2-3 days time. Has anyone got any advice?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Haven't used this type of test so not really sure what to tell you, other than to try again tomorrow maybe? I used a First Response 2 days before AF due (early detector), and then a Clearblue Digital to confirm on the day AF was due. The digital says either 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant', so there's no confusion. Best of luck!!
bree Posts: 1880
hum..hard to know... i wouldnt too hopeful just yet just in case.. know sometimes the faint line can be seen slightly but would need to be more definite for positive result
lamb nose Posts: 679
Thanks Jellybaby and Bree, I will wait another day or two before testing again. I should have bought one of those digital ones as the lines can be confusing!
chilledout Posts: 834
I used Clear blue and any other line than the control one means you are pregnant. Even if it is faint. This is just because you're testing early. Sounds to me like congratulations are in order! Do another test in a few days to be sure. Good luck!
MORPH Posts: 22
Agreed a line is a line. I did 5 tests before I believed my results. first two lines were really very faint. Try another test with the First Response (not clearblue) and test with first morning wee.
lamb nose Posts: 679
Well girls, I just did another clear blue test. Was gonna hold off for another day but I could not wait anymore. It came up as pregnant! The blue cross is much stronger than the last time I tested. I still have my doubts as my AF was only due today and have mild cramping going on. Do you think I am pregnant?!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
lamb rose it defo sounds like your preg, maybe do another one today to make sure or go to the doc he can tell you straight away
brideeee Posts: 1490
Sounds to me like congratulations are in order!! I know you can have false negatives, but I don't think you can have false positives! Even a faint line is indicative of pregnancy! xx brideeee
NY Eve Posts: 35
sounds to me like too like congrats are in order! its just the best feeling in the world ... but very hard to take in! take care of yourself x x x