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Anonymous Posts: 24542
This is a really silly question but i would love someone elses opinion. I'm on the pill but am never very good with taking it religiously. I'm not fat by any means but my belly has grown really big in the past couple of months and looks exactly like about a 4 or 5 month pregnant woman and have been asked twice if I'm expecting. I'm still getting my period although extremely light. Have taken 2 pregnancy tests. first showed a negative result and the 2nd showed a strong line in the negative box and a very faint line in the positive box. I'm not sure what this means. Also the tests i took, i bought them in asia where i was on hols. Maybe i should take a proper Clear Blue one. If your still taking the pill would that turn the test negative even if you were pregnant?? We're planning on trying for a baby in a couple of months anyway but someones i wonder that maybe i am a couple of months pregnant already!!!! What does anyone else think??
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Hi Allo, If you haven't been taking the pill religiously, there is a definite chance you could be pregnant (especially at the start of your pack - just missing one pill could still cause you to ovulate). I would take pregnancy test asap, just to be sure - get one of the main brands - clearblue or firstresponse - that should put your mind at ease. Not sure about the tests you used but usually if you get a positive line, even if it is very faint, it means you're pregnant. Hope I'm not scaring you too much - probably just better to be safe than sorry! Keep us posted!!
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi it is possible to continue having periods whilst pregnant but i don't think the pill would stop a test from showing up + because once you have the pregnancy hormone in your body a test will be + however i definitely think you should buy a clearblue or first response test if you think the ones you bought on hols could be a bit dodgy. You don't say if you have any other pg symptoms but a blood test from your doctor is another v. reliable way of testing for pg. good luck and hope your mind is put at rest soon.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi Girls, thanks a mill for your posts. i think i'll head down town today and get a proper expensive pregnancy test. hopefully it'll show me for sure. as for symptoms. apart from the big belly. i have been feel kinda sickly every time after i eat something and also have been getting awful indigestion. maybe i'm just reading into things too much, i don't know but i'll soon find out i suppose. are those tests normally very accurate?? god im getting nervous now. i really hope i'm not pregnant yet cause i've been out drinking and everything. really wanted to do everything properly but sure if i am i am. i don't really mind.
MTMR Posts: 788
Allo, on the worry about going out drinking etc. yes it is advisable to give up all the bad things you'd normally do, but, worrying about what you've done it actually more harmful than the drinking itself. Anybody who got pregnant by mistake (it really does happen when you're not looking) is more than likely to have had a session or 2 before they found out (I had more than 1 when pregnant the 1st time!) and babies turn out fine. If this helps at all...I had a crash on my motorbike when pregnant the first time aswell and baby was fine (she's now a very cheeky 4 yr old.) Do a test, see the Doctor (if it's the BFP I think it'll be) and relax. Then relax, and then relax again. Thousands of women give birth every yr in the same situation as you, and worse again, thousands more actually know they are pregnant and drink & smoke for the entire pregnancy and deliver prefectly normal babies.
tasket Posts: 306
Hi Allo, I agree 100% with MTMR! Take a good test (the digitals are great for a completely unambiguous answer) and if it's a BFP, don't worry about having had a few sessions, etc. Sure look at our mothers, most of them drank away (my mam smoked as well) & we're all grand. Keep yourself on the straight & narrow from now on & all will be well. Good luck! :D
Anonymous Posts: 24542
hi girls, thanks so much for all your support. just a little update. was at home last night making the dinner and got an awful pain in my tummy. it was like a really bad period pain and then i started bleeding quite heavily. don't know what that was about because i'm not even near being due my period. any ideas??
clucky Posts: 26471
allo I have pm'd you