Could my Morning Sickness be back at 30 weeks ??

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2to3 Posts: 182
HI all Sitting here at work totally gutted - I suffered awfully from MS from about 6 weeks to about 21 weeks then mercifully it calmed down and the vomiting stopped. For the past couple of days my tummy hasnt felt great and have just thrown up in the loo at work - totally feel wretched apart from the fact that I am completely gutted to think my MS could now be back again. I have heard of some one before who had it early and it came back for the end of the pregnancy - anyone any experience of this???
gem2wed Posts: 86
I was exactly the same. Only had a gap of about 7 weeks in the middle without sickness and then it came back from about 30 wks until the end. Must say I didn't vomit as much in the last few weeks, but had severe nausea in the mornings and evenings! Hope it isn't too bad for you! Best of luck, I bet your getting excited now.
andypandy28 Posts: 553
I though that mine was coming back at the end of the pregnancy also, but it tured out to be pre-ecamplisa and this was my first symptom. I was feeling dizzy too. Go to your GP and get him to check your BP and urine just be on the safe side :wv
breeze Posts: 1175
i too had this but turned out to be a kidney infection