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Vogue Posts: 426
Hi Ladies, When your baby grows out of the moses basket or carry cot, where do you plan on putting your baby to sleep at night? I'm guessing a cot? Would I be right? SIL is insisting on buying us a cradle. When I said we plan to put the baby in to the cot after the moses basket she said we definitely 'can't do that as they don't advise it before 4 months'. Is that right? It seems a bit crazy to me...
milis Posts: 7998
Greatest load of shite I ever heard! (no offence to your SIL :-8 ) I would see a crib as an alternative to a moses basket rather than the next step! And I know loads of people who put babs straight into a cot, and have never had any difficulty with it. Once they are put in at the bottom, there's no issue at all.
angel3 Posts: 1572
Vogue - you are rite - after the moses basket or crib it is recommended they go in to their cot!
rachaelf750 Posts: 168
erhh i agree with every one else aswell. u eithre have a crib or mosses basket. what i did when my wee girl was getting big for her moses basket was that i put the basket in in cot for a couple of weeks so she would get used to seeing the rails round her and for u to be comfortable about her being in such a big space. cribs are lovely but they are as useless as moses baskets.
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
thats the most mental thing i have ever heard. every child grows at different rates, some bigger some smaller.. are they all meant to be left in a moses basket/crib until they are 4 months!!!
Vogue Posts: 426
A load of sh!te is right Milis! Just what I thought. Who are 'they' that she's talking about? District nurse?? What bloody difference is there in a cradle and a cot? A bigger mattress? So, when I tell her that I'm going to risk my childs life by, dare I say it, putting it to sleep in a cot! I will be ridiculed to the hilt ;o( Sorry for ranting but this has really annoyed me.
sept09baby Posts: 1094
I'm using a crib instead of the moses basket and have a basinette/travel cot downstairs for the day time. Perhaps you could use the moses basket downstairs and the crib upstairs?
milis Posts: 7998
Vogue, don't let her know that it annoys you. I would laugh at her and ask her who 'they' are. Because it certainly isn't any medical/health/maternity professionals. I'd even make a comment about some of the silly things people will say.... cos I'm that big of a bitch :o0 It really irritates me when people make totally unfounded claims and then back it up with evidence of what 'they' say.
Toots12 Posts: 894
Vogue, maybe she's mixing this up with the recommendation that baby sleeps in the same room as the parents for the first 6 months or so? In some cases, a cot can't fit in the parent's room, so there's no alternative once they grow out of the moses basket/crib, but to put them in a cot in their own room. I'd say this could be what she might be referring to and probably got her wires crossed! For what it's worth, we moved DD into a cot in her own room at 5 months, and we all got great nights sleep after that!!!
Vogue Posts: 426
She has a 5 week old herself. She has a cot and realised last week that her room wasn't big enough for it and had to buy a cradle! Now, all of a sudden, 'they' say the baby shouldn't be in a cot until it's 4 months... When I asked her why this was, she changed the subject. So, between putting the baby in a cot to sleep, wasting €500 on a travel system and depriving DH of time with the baby because I want to breast feed, I've pretty much fcuked it all up already. Families :o0