Could things get any worse ? My little rant for today

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frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Arrrrrrrrrgh, I just want to scream, am so p*ssed off, sick of my job and worst of all I've just been advised not to appeal my planning decision to an Bord Pleanala................. O:| O:| One minute we are told that we have a great case against the council, and the next minute we are being told not to appeal because if An Bord Pleanala refuse us, then we will never get planning permission on our site. Like WTF - the council have refused us twice, what more can we do. I really dont want to keep going around in circles like this anymore as it is all stressing me out too much. I even had a little whinge at my desk cause I'm so sick of the whole thing :o( ! So now my thinking is, should I just say what the hell and re-apply to the council (while wasting 2 months....) or go ahead and appeal to An Bord Pleanala and waste 6 months.... Right now I just feel like giving up with the whole thing even though its on my own family land and I am a local with local needs.... ARRRRRRGGGHHH >:o( Sorry about my rant :o0
McDanny Posts: 1435
Thats awful. What county are you in? What are their reasons for refusal if its your own land? Is it possible for you to meet with a senior planner in the council before deciding on whether to go to BP? Sorry for all the quesions but having been down that road before and about to go down it again I know how you feel.
Little Angel Posts: 913
appeal to the head guys, cut out the middle man. at least u will have tried best of luck :wv
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Its meath county council. We have only four weeks from the date of refusal to apply to Bord Pleanala, however if I want to reapply to the council I have to wait until after 4 weeks have passed, as the planners will not speak to you within this 4 week period >:o( O:| >:o( O:| We are being refused for only one reason which is a load of BS. But it was a TD that phoned me today to say he thinks that I shouldnt go to BP just incase they refuse me, as the site will be useless if they refuse -(like its any use at the minute..... O:| !)
Little Angel Posts: 913
oh no thats what I called a "damned if you do and damned if you dont" situation. thats a load of bal*s!!! u must be so pis*ed off with it all, I def would be.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
Can I ask what is the reason ? To see if their is wiggle room here if you give the right answer? I'm not in this process but my friends are.
pinkbabe Posts: 540
U poor pet no advise just best wishes for ya :xox
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
[quote="pinkbabe":2x5ru3db]U poor pet no advise just best wishes for ya :xox[/quote:2x5ru3db] Ah thanks pinkbabe ! Had a little cry to the h2b this evening cause the stress was getting the better of me ! But feeling much better now and we have decided to give it another shot with the council. I will be probably having another rant on here in 8-9 weeks time when I get refused again !! Lainey - you are right 'damed if you do, damed if you dont !!!'
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Good decision but if you get turned down again (God forbid) then go to Bord Pleanala. My parents did this on a property they wanted to develop. Were refused Planning 3 times by the Council and the decision was over turned and they were granted Planning Permission by An Bord Pleanala 6 weeks ago. Good Luck with it all and make sure to keep information on all correspondance with them and ask for a copy of the refusal information from the Council. Its about €25 or so but worth it for the info. :wv
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Hi Luky Bride. I have all the past refusals and also the planners reports. We went to the planning office and they copied them for free for us, so we didnt have to pay. I have a huge folder of stuff at this stage ! Im delighted for your parents, its good to hear that these decisions can be overturned ! What county are they in ? Im in Meath.