Couldn't praise the Coombe enough

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weddingdiva Posts: 1349
Just for anyone considering the Coombe, I just cant tell you enough how wonderful the staff are there, granted the parking is a nightmare but I went up last week for my first appointment and scan, which i was late registering for and they were just so lovely to me. i couldn't get over it, I am just so used to hearing people complain about the public health service, I just thought they were wonderful, it was so efficient, I wasn't waiting at all, In and out of all the different services and there was no hassle at all. the midwives were lovely. Husband has private health insurance and he has been getting on to me about getting a family policy sorted but to be honest after what I experienced last week, I feel like I'm in very good hands as it is. Is there really a huge diffence between public, SP or Private.
gopro Posts: 1801
I'm goin public in the Coombe . i have health insurance but payin a doc 3k I decided to save my money n go away a few times. I had my anamoly scan n doc visit on thurs and was so happy . I've a few medical issues and they are bringing me in more frequent doin a growth scan at 32 weeks n I'll b meetin the anthestist at 36 weeks to put a pain management plan in place
Emme Posts: 4735
Lovely to read a post like that for a change...we don't mention what goes right enough and I'm sure there are a lot of people who feel better for having read about it being a positive experience!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I 100% agree - I was admitted to the Coombe on Friday overnight and the staff are just so so lovely!
ontheway Posts: 432
The staff in the coombe were wonderful when I had DS, I was induced for high BP then DS got distressed and had an emergency section. I was so well looked after I felt like I was the only patient there. The only downfall is the 5-6 to a ward which I found hard at night but the I availed of the ETH so was able to home after 3 nights. At no stage could I have justified spending 4k+ on private care and I have good health insurance cover.
Maybump Posts: 527
Just thought I'd add my good experience to your post. I argee they are great in the Coombe. My waters broke at 3.30 on Monday the 13th of Feb while out shopping!!! >:o( I headed home to get my bag and to wait on DH to get home from work. When at home they I checked my waters and they were green which I paniced about as I googled it while waiting on DH. We rang the Coombe and they told my to come in as soon as possible. We arrived into the hospital at 4.15 and after going to one or 2 places my DH mentioned it to the midwife as we were waiting to be seen in the assessment room with 5 other women. The midwife brought my straight down to labour ward straight away where I was assigned to Maria a lovely midwife. I was induced within an hour of being admitted and was never given the impression that there was a problem. Was made to feel very calm and relaxed. I did ask for an epidural but labour happened so quick that even with getting needle in it didn't actually have time to work. The midwife was due to finish at 8.30 and baby was born at 8.33 but she waited to make sure everything was ok with me and baby. Then I was brought up to a ward which was empty and had another lovely midwife there that was so helpful and nice. The following day I was going home under early release programme and the midwife looking after me made sure I was not waiting around too long waiting to be discharged. Despite not having pain relief which I wanted all in all it was a pleasure to be looked after in the Coombe. [url=] [img:32p95rwh];10716;95/st/20120213/n/Aoife/dt/5/k/f533/age.png[/img:32p95rwh] [/url]
pink bubbly Posts: 47
Thanks weddingdiva for starting this post, its such a comfort. I am having my first baby due on the 28th of August and decided to go public with the coombe, event though paying for health insurance. I have had one appt so far with a scan and everyone I encountered were so friendly and efficient and giving loads of tips as we went along. Even though it was really busy, we were not kept waiting long. I then booked the antenatal classes and the ladies here were also really friendly and helpful. Its all very reassuring and puts you at ease. I agree more stories on the positives in public health is needed. :wv
twinkle toes2012 Posts: 86
so comforting to read a post like this! I'm going private in the coombe and have my 12 week appointment tomorrow and am very nervous. Delighted to hear that you guys had such positive experiences and it makes me feel so much better!
mrswifey Posts: 775
This is a great thread, I totally agree there are not enough positive threads on the various hospitals out there and it is very comforting to read good stories rather than focusing on the bad ones (which I am SO guilty of sometimes!!). So in the spirit of the the thread, I must add my own good story... I am going public in the Coombe and doing the Domino's scheme. So far the standard of care has been great, when I had bleeding around 13 weeks and was out of the country, I rang up from Spain and spoke to a midwife who was very helpful. I then saw a consultant and had several mini scans over a few days - including two in the middle of the night when I was back in with more bleeding. At all these occassions, everyone was genuinely nice and helpful - even the 2.00am visits where everyone must have been wrecked. Since then I have been attending the midwife's clinic in Tallaght. For the most part everyone I have met has been very nice (bar one who I think was just too busy to bother with the niceities that day!). I have never waited more than 10 mins for an app and mostly have been seen exactly on time. Twice I have rang the community midwife's to ask questions about pains I was feeling and to get advice on taking antibiotics following a root canal - both times they were so nice, spent a while on the phone - no sense of being rushed - was told to call again any time if needs be or go into hosp if I was ever v worried about something. They are so reassuring. Most recently, I had attended the all day antenatal class the Coombe hold on a Saturday. At that, the midwife - Suzanne, gave her email address and said to feel free to email any questions or to discuss birth plans etc... So recently I sent her an email to discuss a particular issue about labour, that I am worried about. I wanted to email in rather than mention it at an app, as I wanted to explain exactly how I felt and why I was worried, without being put on the spot or feeling rushed - it's easier to write things down sometimes. Basically I don't want to be awake in the event I need a c-section. Not going to go into the whys and wherefores of this, suffice to say that I do not take medical procedures well and being awake while being opened up is not even something I can contemplate. Anyway, the midwife got back on to me, was very sympathetic, took me totally seriously, agreed I clearly had a problem and the best thing to do is, in her own words, come in soon to 'meet up for a coffee, have a good chat about it' and will make an app to talk to the anesthesiologist and get something sorted and written in my chart so that I can relax about it. She made plans with me straight away to meet up this week to have a chat. I am so delighted - I really feel my concerns have been taken totally seriously and I feel so taken care of. Meeting up one on one with a midwife for a coffee and a chat about my concerns is not something I imagined happening and I am so pleased to be going in for that. So, my apologies for the long post, but I am only too happy to be sharing my positive experiences there!
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
Delighted to have come across this thread, I have my first scan next week and am so nervous everything is okay. It's my first so have no idea what to expect. My app is for 8.30am, does this normally mean I will be seen around that time or could I be waiting hrs? I don't mind either way but would like to have an idea for DHs sake as he will have to go back to work afterwards.