Counting kicks??????

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Lauri Posts: 195
Hi girls, Im just wondering i was reding a book and it was saying from28 weeks on its really important to count the baby's kicks twice a day my Gp never mentioned it to me but then again he never checks for the heart beat either...... so im wondering is is book talk or is really important to do this????? :-8
Like you Lauri, my midwife has not mentioned anything like this at all. I have a couple of pregnancy books I was given by my midwife and both of them say that you should feel your baby move everyday from about 25 weeks onwards and if not then maybe contact your midwife. Nothing about counting kicks though. She kicks so often now (am 25 weeks) that I don't think I would be able to keep track of them anyway.
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
Yes you should count kicks from bout 28 weeks. You should get 10 episodes of movement every 12 hrs, generally daytime hours. If I get a kick at 9am and another 2 mins later, then I count that as one episode. If the next kick is not for 30mins, then I count that as the next episode. Every time I go to antenatal, they ask about movement. You should also be familiar with the pattern of movement. Mine doesn't move a lot in mornings but is super active from about 8 pm to 10 pm and regularly throughout the day. As they get bigger in womb, they will also have more sleepy time. I bought a kick counter on eBay, love it. So easy to keep an eye on baby's that way. So to answer, he's you should be counting kicks, movements. Hth
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I think the advise is just meant to make you aware of the pattern of movement in case you aren't already. DD was almost constantly on the go and this baby too, so I don't need to count anything. If you have a quieter baby and want to be aware if anything changes it might be a good idea to count so that you know. But I was certainly never asked for numbers, just whether there was movement in general.
pag Posts: 633
Just to mention that it may not be all kicks you feel. I haven't had any kickswith this baby at all but have had tons of movement at all hours of the day. Agree you need to be aware of when baby is usually active and quiet. If you don't Feel something or can't remember last movement lie down with cold drink and something sugary and waitforlittlebit. I wouldn't get too caught up with tracking 10 kicks or anything like that. Just know your baby's habits.
cindarellawoman Posts: 390
The GP & Midwife did not mention this to me until I was defo over 30weeks. Yes, 10 movements in 12 hours but I have a very active baby and do not have to count (one day I did get a fright but he/she must have had a lazy morning as by lunchtime, he/she was back to lots of kicks/movements). Everytime I went to GP & Hospital, they did check heartbeat though
tilsun Posts: 4506
I've been lucky that baby generally moves non-stop so there've only been a few days when I've had to really focus and check there was enough movement. I think it's worth making a mental or physical note in the beginning so you can get to know your baby's patterns. I find it odd that your GP doesn't listen for baby's heartbeat at visits. Have you asked him to? I assumed they all did from 17 weeks on or somewhere around that. Have never had a check-up without hearing heartbeat.
Lauri Posts: 195
Thanks girls, As this is my first its all new to me ya i know my baby's pattern its way more active in the evening night time hope its not a sign of things to come haha!!! regarding my GP yes I have said it and he says unless there isnt any movement then he dont usually check!! I must get bloods done next week and ill be more insistant on it, you see he is not my usual doctor he is just filling in for the last few months thank god my regular GP will be back at the end of the month!! Thank you all so much im really greatful xxx :thnk
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I would ask for it Laurie - those checks are minimal enough, I know my doctor is very quick with them, but foetal heartbeat is one of the things they're meant to be doing. But with baby's movement sounds like all is well alright!