Couple of questions re after birth

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Lush Posts: 506
Hi All Had section over 4 weeks ago with my firstbaby &have a few questions. 1,how many visits should I have from PHN? I've only had 1? 2, I still have dark line on my belly, does this go away or doi need to use bleach? 3, I received social services card today is this all I need for child benefit or do I receive a letter(I have already reg for CB) or book or something? 4, anyone whose had CS what exercises did you do 4 weeks after? At the moment I'm only walking.
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
hi Lush, I didn't have a section or a belly line so i can't help with any of those questions but can with the others! Re PHN - i only had one house visit a couple of days after i came home, after that its up to you to go to her every few weeks (at least thats what i was told) unless you've had your LO at the docs for injections etc as the doc/nurse will check them there. Re CB - once the birth is registered you'll get babys PPS number in the post & the CB dept will write to you automatically to fill up a form with all you & your partners details & how you want to receive the money. :wv
Babymad1 Posts: 82
Were you given a leaflet from the hospital about exercises? At this point its very very very mild stuff - working on your pelvic floors - you know tightening up and letting go. Also pulling your belly button in and gentle walking. I'd wait until your 6 week checkup before doing anything more. My consultant recommended Bio Oil for the scar but I never got round to getting it.