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watchthisspace Posts: 591
Hi Guys Couple of Questions! Who are you having doing you readings? Not the prayers of faithful but the mass readings? Is it usually the moms? H2B has two aunties that he is very close too and I'd love to include them in the service, has anyone any ideas of how they could be involved? We have people for the readings and prayers of faithful, is there anything else they could do? Was thinking of asking one of them to read a poem or piece, what ya think??? What will I ask the other to do? HELP PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE O:|
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Hi, We have aunties you are close on both sides as well and we are going to get them to do readings and then friends to do prayers of the faithful.You could also have a reflection poem near the end of the service and get one of your aunts to do that.
marianf Posts: 5845
HI, Mam's usually bring up the gifts. And I think its usually family members and friends that do the rest. You could ask one to do a reading and the other to do a communion reflection or poem. I have one or two I like but am not using if you want me to send them to you.
chaos Posts: 1904
i have two very close aunts, one being my god mother, i am asking her to bring up a gift with fmil, as my mam is going to give me away as dad died a couple of years ago. My other aunt will say a prayer of the faithful because she said she only wants a line or two not a full prayer! having htbs aunt to say other reading and then having 5 friends to say the other prayers and communion refleciton
watchthisspace Posts: 591
Thanks for that guys, just don't want to leave anyone out. Marianf it would be great if you could send those on Thanks a Million :thnk
hubbie2be Posts: 33
both our mothers are bringing the gifts to the alter. we saw it being done at a friends weddings and that way we have 2 reading & 4 prayer of the faithfull for friends & family. Both mothers are delight to be doing the gifts.
princess buttercup Posts: 1457
Both our Mams did the gifts. My aunt didn't want to do a reading - she said she'd be too nervous - so she did a prayer of the faithful - she was much happier going up with a group of people and having a short bit to say. DH's brother did our first reading, and my SIL did the other - worked out really well.
noc Posts: 1802
Our mothers did the gifts and they also lit our candles at the start (that was the priest's idea and quite a nice once I think). We had friends/ siblings doing readings etc.