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spanishbride08 Posts: 413
We're getting married abroad, so we are obviously trying to keep the numbers as tight as possible. All of my first cousins were going to be invited anyway. One of my cousins has just moved in with her boyfriend, and another cousin is living with his girlfriend for a few years. But their sisters / brothers also have boyfriends / girlfriends for varying lengths of time. Should I invite all the "other halves"? I mean, the invite was going to be "The O'Malley Family" to include all the brothers & sisters, but now if I invite one of them separately + their other half, will they all get insulted that I didn't do the same for the rest of them?
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
I'm having the same problem myself. I've decided to just ask 2 of the cousins other halves as one lives with his girlfriend and the other has been with his girlfriend for years and I get on really well with her. I'll send these cousins a separate invitation and the rest will just get a family invite. :wv
kali Posts: 687
we have the same problem. Anyone living together or been together for years got a separate invite, the rest got family invites. I think that is fair enough. Although on Sunday we bumped into a cousin of mine and her boyf(who I had totally forgotten about)- kinda embarrassing :-8
Capetown Posts: 976
Ring the people concerned and explain to them that you are full on numbers and do they want their other halves to go. Most of them will be delighted that you asked so wil probablly say no it's ok they understand and wil go on thier own
CountryLass Posts: 370
my cousin got married a few years ago and only invited the other half's that had been other half's for more than 2/3 years. Noone had a problem with this, everyone knew that money was tight and they needed to keep people to a minimum