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waitingpatiently Posts: 63
Hi Ladies, I changed my 3 week old baby to c&g comfort yesterday because he was suffering from constipation on the normal cow & gate. I have 2 questions that i hope you can help me with - 1.) I make up bottles (4 at a time)... i have noticed that when i leave the c&g comfort to sit in the fridge the formula separates - as in it doesnt stay mixed, although when i make it up i do shake vigourously - is this normal - i didnt notice this with the normal c&g - obviously i shake again before i give it to him but it has just dawned on me..... is there somthing wrong with the formula. 2:)He doesnt seem to get as much wind up with the c&g comfort, he doesnt seem in as much discomfort but does the amount of wind change on this formula? Thanks a mill ladies - your help is greatly appreciated for a newbie mum!!!!
whackywoman Posts: 1496
hi ya I use aptamil comfort which I think is the same formula just a different brand name. Yes it really does separate when it is left to sit at all, i think it is because it is a thicker formula so I normally make the bottles as I need them using hot water from a flask and then add powder. Haven't noticed if he has more or less wind but it definitely does help constipation maybe try and post over in the Mum & Kids part of this website for more advice. WW
Baby Mumble Posts: 12
Hi, Yes it seems to be normal for this formula to separate. I also make it up as i need it, I boil the water, fill bottle and let it cool, then heat it again when i need it and then add the formula as it dissolves easier in warm water. I think your little one probably has less wind with this formula as its a bit thicker, both my dd and ds had maybe just one or two burps after each bottle. You might notice as your little one gets a bit bigger than you need to change teats sooner than you would on a less thick formula. I think we were on the no. 3 (3 months+) avent teats by 8 weeks and then we had to move to the variflow teats after that. Good luck with it. xx