Cradle cap

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
My LO is almost 9 mths & has quite a bit of cradle cap at the minute & it's making him itch. When he was a baby he took a reaction to olive & almond oil so we used silcocks base & scratched it off when soft. However his hair is longer now so silcocks isn't great. Any suggestions? We also use detinox shampoo
mrspq1 Posts: 28
Hi Try coconut oil (from chemist) rub between your hands and then apply . I would recommend doing it at bath time and leave it on for as long as you can. then rub with a nice warm face cloth or use a fine comb and comb through.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Have you tried olive oil? Or I know of someone that recently used Brylcream the red one and said it worked a treat! Her mum told her about it!
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Yes he seemed to be allergic to both olive & almond oil.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
+1 for the coconut oil. We put a bit in an eggcup and melted it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then just rub it in and it should come straight off. Best do it on bathnights though coz it's very messy
Wolaholic Posts: 477
Almond oil worked for us along with detinox so that's tricky if your baby seems allergic to it. Any oil would do really to loosen it. Is it all oils he seems irritated by?