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Flowerangel Posts: 320
Hi has anybody used Craft Cleaners in Baggot street to have their dress cleaned, I left mine in yesterday and the lady said it would be €230 which i thought was quite expensive. :eek Just hope they do a good job....
gillette Posts: 1803
Hey Flowerangel, I had my dress cleaned there too. Yes, they are expensive (i think mine was a 40 quid deposit and then 195 after that and it has literally no beading!) but they are brilliant when cleaning delicate items. My mum dropped mine in while I was on honeymoon and they phoned her a few times to say they wanted to keep the dress longer as they wanted to give it a few extra cleans to make sure all of the stains were out of the bottom of the dress. I'm normally very clumsy so I was amazed i didnt spill anything on the dress on the day but the train got dirty during the photos and walking into the marquee. Long story short, it looks like new after the cleaning so i'd say worth it Definitely worth it when you hear horror stories - a friend of mine's Mum dropped hers into her local cleaner. When she (the Mum) returned to pick it up, the owner had to tell her that he'd been robbed and her dress was gone!!!!
Flowerangel Posts: 320
Hi Gillette Thanks so much for your reply, that puts my mind at ease , I really don't mind it being expensive once they do a good job, like yourself mine was fine right down to the bottom so I hope they can get it out. By your ticker, It looks like I was married around the same time as yourself, i was 26th September... Are you going to keep your dress or sell it, im not sure what to do! :wv
gillette Posts: 1803
I was just a week before you - 19 September. Seems like so much longer ago than it was. Not happy to be back at work as if nothing ever happened :o( I think I'm going to hold on to it. My mum gave hers to charity after her wedding and I was always sorry growing up as I would have loved to have seen it, tried it on etc. We already have a family Christening robe so I wont be cutting it up for that. I asked DH whether he thought I should sell it (cos realistically, you need to sell it quickly or else it becomes dated) but he said no way (much more of a romantic than me :-8 ) Before the wedding, I said to some of my friends that we should have an evening in, all of us in the dresses, eating pizza and one of my friends recently reminded me and said she was definitely going to organise something. could you imagine the poor pizza delivery guy's face?
octbride2007 Posts: 774
I had mine cleaned there and they did an amazing job...even got the flase tan out and came back as new :wv
DublinMan79 Posts: 2
Avoid like the plague!!!! Unwarranted Snobbery injected into staff members attitudes. ' we don't quote prices by phone', 'its company policy', who exactly are you serving? The prince of Wales? Seriously, cop on, do a course in customer service and business, and to finish your phonecall off with ' well, I'm sure you can find cheaper and less superior work elsewhere'... jesus christ... self destruct or what???? Disgusting phone attitude obviously instilled by the owners in their staff, Seems like they like to play around with their pricing depending on the weather of a particular day, I wonder if they accept credit card, hand out receipts etc like a normal ethical business, Well get this, I'm reporting your business to the revenue today for your obvious shady practices, I'll head to Marlowe to look after my dry cleaning, at least there I know they don't have a finger up their ars ah!
DublinMan79 Posts: 2
Google 'Craft Laundry+Court+worker' Totally sickening.