Cramp in muscle/legs

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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Oh girls I woke this morning in agony whatever way I moved my right leg locked and my calf muscle was killing me. Thought I was dreaming at first as even DH got such a fright and I jumped up in the bed groaning I woke baby too and felt really bad :o( I have been getting tightening feelings in my muscles and with the swelling I said it to the doctor and he said it was indeed my legs swelling,is anyone else getting this? I have my support stockings on again today and its still quite sore,my ankles are alot better but still sore in the evenings mostly thanks
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Unfortunately cramps are another thing we have to endure during pregnancy, HOWEVER, at the antenatal course in the Rotunda, the midwife told us to do exercises to prevent cramps, I'm doing it religously now ever night, and I get them far less and none at all some night, so it's worth doing IMO. Lie down on your bed and rotate your ankles counting to five one way then five the other way, I do this counting up to fifty. Then keeping your legs straight, pull your toes back towards yourself, and you feel the back of your calfs tightening. Obviously not to be done during a cramp though! Give it a go, nothing to lose in any case. Cramps are awful things. HTH :wv
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Thanks for that misses,its still quite tender and sore. I will do those excerises lovely being back at work today too >:o( :thnk