Cramps after eating anyone?

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Vera Posts: 197
Is it just me or does every pregnant woman suffer with cramps after eating the main meal of the day? I'm suffering babdly. I have to go to dinner twice this week and I'm afriad I'll have to leave early if I start to get these cramps. They don't last very long but are very uncomfortable. I'm 11 weeks on Thursday and I would have expected cramps after eating a little further down the line. Hopefully they will get better.
chicam Posts: 1169
I also get cramps a lot, have done for weeks now & I just assumed it was normal. Yes they seem to happen after I've eaten & also when I need to do a no.2 (TMI I know, sorry!). Occassionaly I felt like I had period pain too which went away after a few hours. Don't know if yours or mine is normal I'm afraid!
Vera Posts: 197
Thanks for your response Chicam. Funny now that I have complained about this online it seems to have settled. I had a carvey for lunch and I feel fine. So far anyway. I am the exact same as you.