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suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Thanks for all the replys :thnk Interesting on the calcium deficiency as i'm looking for milk all the time last week or so too, wonder is it my bodys way of telling me to drink more of it *) Will try raising the feet tonight too :thnk
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
ya get them... they are horrible. I find if I go walking I don't get them as bad the next day, so try that if you can. Also there are supposed to be special socks in boots for it.. maybe like dvt socks... haven't tried them but meant to be good!
CarrieD Posts: 460
[quote="piripiri":2x6es2a6]i got those a few times. i eat a banana for potassium (dunno if that helps but my sports therapist friend said that's why the tennis players eat bananas to stop cramps) i read that you get cramps due to a calcium deficiency so now i drink a glass of milk with my dinner...haven't had a cramp since![/quote:2x6es2a6] I'm getting what's called night cramps - where you wake up in teh middle of the night with a cramp in the calf - very sore - I drink litres of milk (go through about a litre a day) so it's definitely not a lack on calcium in my case. It may be a lack of water though - i'm not great on drinking enough water everyday. They are sore though - i used to get them a few years ago too when i wasn't pregnant - the doc ended up putting me on tablets for it they got so bad - woke up one night with cramp in both legs at the same time - now that was sore
babybuttons Posts: 886
i agree with red_rubbies when i get the cramps i pull my toes towards me and they go straight away. very annoying when u wake up at night with the pain. but move feet and toes towards u and they will go straight away. (well works for me anyway)
lambnose Posts: 915
Yes I used to suffer from them as well especially towards the end of each pregnancy. I used to eat a banana every day to help combat it and it really worked as the day I did not have my banana I would always have a cramp that night in bed. :eek
holidaygal Posts: 83
I used to get these cramps in my feet and calves where I would bounce out of bed in the middle of the night in agony. Tried the milk, banannas, magnesium supplements, raising on a pillow, stretches before bed... nothing worked. Then my midwife told me to put 3 corks from wine bottles (proper cork ones) in the bed where my legs would be. They seemingly absorb the static electricity or something. I'm not sure how they work but they really do! The only time I have had a cramp in the last 6 weeks was one night I didn't realise they had fallen out onto the floor. (Not drinking much wine these days so DH just went into O'Briens and asked them for some corks and they gave him a few, I'm sure they were wondering what they were for, they wouldn't have got it in 3 guesses anyway :o0 ) Worth a try!
candyfloss Posts: 704
Holidaygal thats hilarious, I cant believe something so simple worked...but hey I'll try anything!! I get cramps really easily anyway, have always drank load of water but used to take electrolyte drinks and that helped, not sure if these are suitable in pregnancy so havent bothered with them. Best way to get rid of cramp is to stretch the cramped muscle, which is why pulling toes towards you works. If I get them in my feet I have to stand with my foot half on a step/book and really stretch my sole. I've torn muscles with really severe cramps before and it really is the worst pain. I got one a few weeks ago in the front of my thigh.......I was screaming, poor DH thought I was dying/in labour.
goodie09 Posts: 192
have been getting them too...they are awful. Ended up screaming in agony on the floor on Sat night. Am going to try everything suggested here, including the wine corks! Thanks