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ceewa Posts: 478
Anyone getting married in Cratloe in December this year? Was wondering what people are thinking for church decorations
jack sprat Posts: 204
hello there, i was at a wedding there years ago, fabulous intimate settings, all they had was an orchestra and it was amazing!!
ladyrock Posts: 31
getting married there in oct. havnt looked into flowers yet, have a church singer and musician.
Sweets08 Posts: 958
Such a gorgeous church, was at FSIL's wedding there last year and she had candles lit on all of the window ledges, it was fabulous!
NY07 Posts: 90
Hi ceewa, Getting married there in December too! not stressing too much about decoration yet, going to wait to see if there is another wedding before or after me to decide! hope in a way there isnt as would love to do it my own way. heard if there is a wedding before you you cannot change decoration as there isnt enough time! :weep
ceewa Posts: 478
It would be fairly tight to change decorations as the times for weddings are 12, 2 and 4. I have seen it done though, I'm hoping to be able to sort something out with the wedding on before mine, save money and hassle
Mrs Unichick Posts: 1004
Hi, was at a wedding here in April. MIL wanted it for our wedding but I had somewhere else in mind & wasn't from the locality though it's a beautiful church. The one thing I would say is the doors banging. If people could just come in from one door instead of people going in and out. Decoration seemed nice to me at the time.
Trixy3 Posts: 2041
My sis was the 2pm wedding at Cratloe church, the priest put the 3 brides in touch with each other and they all came to an agreement over the church decoration and they shared the cost, worked out brill :wv
ceewa Posts: 478
I need to have a chat with the priest although I've been putting it off cos i've asked someone else to marry us and that might go down like a lead balloon cos he was seemed very excited about the wedding. maybe i'll just ring him and put the wedding discussion off til next time i'm home
vonanto Posts: 395
Hi Guys I am getting married in Cratloe church on September 26th this year - anyone else out there getting married then?? :lvs