Cravings or no cravings?

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Mrs Maternal Posts: 268
Hi I was just wondering if everyone is getting cravings or do they come later - I dont think i am having any but seem to have went off dinners - don't look forward to eating - only things i loook forward to eating are the odd piece of fruit and savoury snacks like crisps.....I had really hoped i would be able to eat healthier when pregnant, my daily diet is usually like this Breakfast 2 weetabix Cup of Tea Snack Yoghurt and piece of fruit Lunch Ham, cheese and tomato sambo Packet of crisps!! Afternoon snack Cup of tea Couple of choc chip cookies Dinner Potatoes, meat of some discription and carrots or beans or Chicken curry and rice Snack Chocolate and crisps in evening!!! Can you suggest some other alternatives to these and no salads as i am usually freezing in work so last thing i want it to eat salad and not bug fan of homemade soup...unless i have a big white roll with it!! All help greatly appreciated Also - are any of you exercising during pregnancy and if so what are you doing - I am thinking of getting a pregnancy yoga dvd to do before work?
kerrybabe Posts: 42
in my first pregnancy I had terrible cravings for swiss roll and strawberry jam. i couldnt get enough of it. :o0 i didn't get any cravings until about my 20th week though.
mrsd06 Posts: 52
Hiya, I've kind of gone off dinners also. I take about three or four fork fulls and I'm stuffed. Would be starving before hand though. I also seem to be picking quite a lot during the day. One thing I'm craving is orange ice-pops in the evening. I had the same with my son 16 years ago would you believe....strange!!!
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hi Mrs Maternal... I'd try and eat more fruit and cut out the crips and choccies. If I feel like chocolate I usually try to have it in the morning, then I say to myself at least I'll work it off during the day ! Have you tried the campbells soupfulls? Some of them are very tasty, tuscan tomato and pasta - and they fill you up too. Try to drink lots of water, easier said than done I know. I buy loads of different types of juices and mix a little of each in a large glass, cocktail a la Tigletts!!! I drink about four of those in the evening. I have a half hour walk from the Dart to the office so I try to do that morning and evening instead of taking the bus. HTH
corkrebel Posts: 744
I went off dinners intially and went right off sea food... but now I am craving potatoes and peas , lucozade and my sweet tooth has returned with a vengance...! O:o)
Tigletts Posts: 2904
by the way, to answer your question, no cravings for me -- YET :wv
Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi Mrs Maternal, I don't think your diet looks bad at all. I have a sandwich for lunch most days, but I'd have a yogurt with it instead of the crisps ? You could also try having soup but have brown bread with it instead of the crusty roll ? I snack on fruit during the day. I eat at least two kiwi fruits, 4 mandarin oranges and an apple while at work, plums as well when I have them. I have also started having a glass of milk followed my half a glass of orange juice in the mornings, they say vitamin C helps absorb calcium so thats why I have the orange juice after. In the evenings I have something like grapes with natural yogurt over them or a homemade fruit smoothie as a snack..when I am being good.... One way of getting some salad in is to have a bit with dinner. I sometimes have meat of some kind with a baked potato and a green salad with it, normally baby spinach leaves with some spring onion (I'm not a great salad eater). I make my own dressing for over it, one teaspoon of whatever oil you like mixed with two teaspoons of red wine/balsamic vinegar and then toss the salad in it. There is only one weight watchers point in the dressing so its not very fattening and if you use walnut oil there is omega3 in it as well ! I also put some sesame seeds in the salad, they are tasty and good for you too. I also snack on a few nuts like brazil or walnults in the evening as well, loads of omega 3 and 6 in those as well. So, there are a few ideas there but as I said, your doing great anyway ! I went off pretty much everything that was good for me in the first trimester and ate quite badly, so you are doing much better then I did. I do exercise as well, I always went to the gym and I still do, I also do a good bit of swimming and I go walking on the weekends. The trick is to not work too hard. I have a heart rate monitor so I keep an eye on it and keep my heart rate at or below 140, and you should also be able to carry on a conversation while you are exercising, if you can't then you are working too hard. They recommend 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise for pregnant women, most days, so I try to do that. Having said that, I did take it easier in the first trimester then I do now, I am 16 weeks pregnant now, so don't overdo it before you get to twelve weeks, especially if you are not used to exercising. I also had/have the added advantage of not having being sick or tired so I was able to exercise. HTH, Lucy
babe06 Posts: 898
I'm really glad you brought this up. I don't really have any cravings as such but really want salty things all the time. Like you I reaally don't think I'm eating properly - its juts so hard especailly when your not feeling great and all that comforts you is comfort food! I find it heard to eat dinners have kind off gone off potatoes and veg. I really like those soupfulls too but was afraid as they are processed food they're not good for you. I'm eating a lot of processed food especaiily for lunch - have to bring it into work with me so things like them and noddles are so handy and tasty. This week i have made a better effort though - even had fish and salad for dinner last night and I really really enjoyed it (did have a yummy dresing to though) - but then did go to the cinema and had popcorn, malteesers and sprite!! Can't get enough red meat into me! Slowly making my way though the M&S chocolate bites too....
bellabella Posts: 2750
I am addicted to oranges and potatoes but don't have the energy to make them so i just eat oranges. MY doc warned me to always reach for fruit because gestational diabetes is rampant.I didn't know that but anyway my baby hates sweet food. Best of luck.
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Lucy-loo, I read in my book that you should avoid spinach (surprisingly enough) as it has almost toxic levels of vitamin a I think????