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Jeidi Posts: 3128
What is everyone lusting after.. for me its just food in general :o)ll Although I haven't put on a pound yet, I must be gone up a size! Am loving coco pops and a blaa stuffed with chickatees.. bliss
chicam Posts: 1169
Coco pops & sugar puffs - this coming from a woman who usually despises cereal and milk! Also milkshakes, cream and strawberries. I must have a calcium deficiency or something! :o0
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Jedi whats a blaa? I'm addicted to Mr Freeze ice drinks. I haven't been able to stomach water so maybe its the only way to rehydrate! Although the enumbers are probably not good for me but I love them :o0
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
I was watching a programme last night where the girl was craving rubber and chewed on a hot water bottle and elastic bands :o0
Anonymous Posts: 24542
willthiswork Posts: 1995
A blaa is a sort of bread roll that you get in Waterford. Its floury like a bap.
mags s Posts: 591
i am all about the dairy....which i would have stayed away from before getting preggie...yoghurts, yops, ice cream...the other week i bought the bumper packs of icebergers, brunches & loop the loops....
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
Ive craving nothing and hating everything - its hell. I have to watch myself because Im losing weight
alton Posts: 3077
It varies a lot for me, and the desire comes on suddenly but when I get what I want nothing in the world could taste better. Last week it was a big mac which IMO is worse than chewing on a rubber tyre but I have never tasted anything so good. The thoughts of eating that now though would make me ill.
Babybop. Posts: 592
Im craving Raspberrie Yops and Tangle Twisters and Rice Krispies yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy I love cravings you enjoy your food so much more.