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Elvis has left the building Posts: 36
Hi, I have always been a big fan of coca cola but since we started ttc I have cut way back and since we got our BFP I have stopped altogether …. Well nearly!!! The problem is I have such cravings for it now. I have given up tea & coffee. My question is would it be really bad to give in every now and again and have a glass? Even writing this I would kill for a glass. Do you think this actually a craving or am I just addicted??? Thanks Galileo
charlie crown Posts: 377
I'd say the odd drink of coke like anything else in moderation is no harm, but it sounds like you may have been addicted prior to pregnancy so just keep an eye it doesn't get out of hand!
gbirishgirl Posts: 246
Have you tried the caffeine free stuff? I know it doesn't taste the same but it might get you over your craving for the time being? O-O
Carmen Posts: 510
Some caffine in your diet is allowed. I think 300mg (?) of caffine or the equivilant of 6 cups of coffee a day. I could very well be wrong on the amounts because 6 cups sounds a lot even in normal circumstances! But some is fine!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Have it if you want it or maybe even the Coke zero? I had this thing that I wanted a cold beer for weeks,I had one on saturday night and it wasnt as nice as I was expecting :o( ALways the way its the stuff we REALLY WANT we cant/shouldnt have and when we do its not that nice after all O:|
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
*Galileo* if you want coke girl just have it and if you have cut out tea and coffee altogether then you can drink it no problem the docs just dont recommend you drink anything caffeine based to excess thats all there is no need to cut things out altogether. Maybe when you have it like Dolly said you wont really want it as much in a while, but at least you wont feel deprived. MrsNoc