Crazy to leave 6 week old baby with nana for 2 nights?

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lookin4help2010 Posts: 505
Girls lookig for opinions, Please don't get bitchy if you disagree. I had no life for years over fertility treatments due to a male factor issue, miscarriages and a horrific pregnancy. I have a birthday next week and told dh I'd love to go to prince in Dublin as I love him and thought it'd be a fab chance for dh and I to reconnect and have fun. Our miracle is coming soon and we are so excited and my mum said she'll mind baby and she is like the baby whisperer she is so great with babies and will be heavily involved with mine from the get go. I am go to BF but will supplement if needed and deffo from 6 wks. Girls am I mad or do you think this is a realistic goal to have to look forward too I was literally shakeing with excitment it's been that long bu someone burst my bubble and now I'm a bit deflated? All advice,constructive/positive comments welcome.........
lookin4help2010 Posts: 505
Btw it's in dub and we not so it'll involve a fri and sat overnight stay
lush11 Posts: 2877
Dont be silly, go and enjoy yourselves!! I have a hen party when the baby will be about 8 weeks old and was wondering whether i would go but the hubbie will be at home and his mother will be around for support. I probably wouldnt go for 2 nights personally cos i think its a bit long for a 6 week but thats just my opinion and would think no different of anyone else for doing so. I also think its a great idea to get baby used to someone else as they can get quiet attached to mammy and daddy, mammy especially. Have fun and dont be worrying about what other people think. Just bear in mind you might have to cut it short if baby starts going nuts without you. Have your mother/mil put the baby to bed once before this event jsut to see will baby settle without you.
lush11 Posts: 2877
Sorry read your last post wrong. Id still go
ZZZ79 Posts: 437
I am not a mum yet but will be soon! My 2 cents worth is that as long as your baby is safe and with someone u trust (and who better than your mum) then u should go and don't feel guilty about it! In all honesty the baby probably wont even notice u are not there! I think it's really important for u and your DH have a solid relationship and that does mean u have to focus on that from time to time! I'm sure ur mum would love the chance to bond with the baby and in all honesty grandparents are so good for kids! I know my nieces and nephews really benefited from spending alot of time with my mum! She died a few years ago now and I do feel sad that my baby won't have that time with her! Sorry for rambling on.... In a nutshell go and enjoy the time with your DH it's only 2 nights and happy parents mean happy kids!
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
not at all, go and enjoy yourself. Don't be worrying about what other people say or think. I feel its very important to make an effort to spend time with each other after lo arrives and if yourself and your dh are happy to leave your lo with your mum then do so and enjoy the weekend.
Tinytots Posts: 369
Thought I'd add my twopence worth as a recent new mum, just so you can hear from this point of view. I personally would have found it very hard to leave ds at 6 weeks for 2 nights. I bf exclusively and although you may think you'll supplement now, you may feel differently once babs arrives. Even so, supplementing for 48 hours at 6 weeks could seriously affect you supply afaik. I really really don't want to sound like a party pooper and totally agree that you and dh deserve and should have time for yourselves. I just think you might feel differently once the baby arrives. I agree with Lush actually, could you possibly go for just one night, the night of the concert? That way you get away and may enjoy it more than being away for 2 days and fretting the whole time. Now perhaps other mums will totally disagree with me, this is just my opinion. Congratulations by the way :stork: :o)ll
lush11 Posts: 2877
Also, just wondering if baby will be 6 weeks from due date or from latest possible date (42 weeks) so could the baby potentially be 4 weeks?
c2011x Posts: 5
definately go and enjoy yourself. i left my daughter with my sister when she was 6 weeks old for 2 nights to go to a wedding abroad and it was fine. I enjoyed and came home refreshed. A 6 week old justs wants to sleep and be fed. If you change your mind nearer the time then just go for 1 night. best of luck and enjoy!
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd echo tinytots tbh. Before DD got here I'd have said of course I could leave her etc but no way I could have afterwards. I also BF and it's so hard to get supply up and running and to keep it going. If you were away for 48 hours you'd need to pump alot. Maybe you should post this on M&K and get more views from Mum's with Lo's already here?