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steen Posts: 1335
When should I start looking at these? I know someone who is due a week before me and they have already put a deposit down :eek Is this usual? Thought I would go and have a look while on maternity leave.
Delish Posts: 4176
Don't think creches are as busy as they used to be. I know there is no waiting list in the one my ds is in (limerick)
byebye Posts: 599
I took a stroll into our local creche today and they weren't booked out for 2010. They took my details even though I said I was only checking things out at the moment and not committing.. This is all new to me but I couldn't get over the way they set out prices. I teach and even though I've a short enough working day (9-4pm), we'd have pay from 7am -6.30pm. Half days are 7am -1 pm or 1.30pm - 6.30pm. Because I'd be crossing two time frames we'd have to pay the full day rate. Also, you pay for a 52wk period so when I'm off during the summer or holidays, we'd still have to pay!! That is ridiculous in my opinion. (Paying for facilties when you are not using them.) How are working parents managing?? And with the way the country is going, it could go back to one person staying at home to mind their children. Sorry, rant over.. :-8
zoesmama Posts: 2774
I mentioned to the girl who minds DS in the creche that i am pg and she said that i should put the babies name down now as "Baby X" for Feb 2010 !!!
doolittle Posts: 910
I booked my creche around 6 weeks ago and we got the last baby place for 09. A little diff in my case cause I was only looking for part time from 2 - 6 which is a lot harder to get than full time. People told me I was crazy to start looking and then were shocked when I said we got the last baby place and its in a lovely country creche. Each to their own, my sis waited till she was nearly finished mat leave and did get somewhere but found it hard and time consuming to go traipsing aound with a baby
steen Posts: 1335
Thanks, girls. I will be looking at full time creche so I might give the locals ones a call and see.
jen09 Posts: 1390
Hi ladies, just my advice. I had my DD 18mths ago & had name down in creche from 6mths before she was born so a full year before she would be going to creche! I am unfortunatly out of work but could have a job from March & asked creche about taking her back & they have no places until Oct!! Now I know she will be joining toddlers, but they are as busy as ever. Also with regards having to pay for 52 wks of the year regardless of weather your baby is there or not, you have to remember they are running a business not a charity & have to make money as well.
Emme Posts: 4735
Just to let you know, on most county council websites they have a section of details of childminders and creches in that county. Childminders seem to be a much more flexible alternative for some.
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
We put down our deposit yesterday - the creche that's closest to where I and DH work said they had only 2 infant places left for Jan 2010. Re costs, we'll be paying 1086 a month which is a lot, and it's 7.30am - 6.30pm or something like that even though the baby won't be there for all of that time. Again, they are open most days of the year but when I'm on holiday etc and not using the creche, I'll still be paying. It works out around 50 euro a day for the creche...expensive but I suppose you can understand why, it's 3 meals and full time supervision, play etc on a low staff to baby ratio. What choice do we have anyway?!