Creches won't take babies

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Girls, have been looking into options for baby when I have to go back to work (this was spurred on as the local creche told me they are booked up for babies until 2010) :eek anyways, I have now called 5 creches, and of them, only 1 takes and has spaces for babies. How can this be allowed, I understand that babies need more care, and that's why parents have to pay through the nose for that, but the government does not give us a year off to raise the kids to the point where the creche actually wants to take them, it's a crazy situation, and I don't see how creches are allowed to operate when they won't take babies, it seems discriminatory to me.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
As far as I know they are only allowed to take so many babies under a certain age! They are also legally obliged to have a certain amount of staff/chilren ratio which is higher for babies! This sometimes makes it not financially viable for them to take babies! I'm sure they also reserve the right to allow who they want into their creche!
good2go Posts: 564
By law,any creche can only take 2 babies per adult,whereas its something like 4 toddlers per adult. So the more babies taken,the less space there is for older children.
Perci Posts: 3847
My DS's creche takes a maximum of 9 babies at any one time and the staff/baby ratio by law is 1:3. We put his name down when I was 15wks pregnant and they couldn't guarantee a place until he was 6mths old. I can't understand how some creches can be booked up until 2010?? The babies that are there at present will have moved up from the baby to the toddler room and how can people secure places before they're pregnant? That's a mystery to me..
Hellothere2010 Posts: 2358
Hi girls I know that this is terrible situtaion to be in. I have our little one booked in already here in Galway. Creches are cutting down on babies because what I have been told is that they are all full and instead of having to get rid of toddlers that are booked in - they have stopped taking babies. Its fairer on everyone to stop the entry flow rather than cut places already taken. My advice is to go out NOW and get a place - keep searching. You cant wait until maternity leave to do it. Babies that are not conceived yet are being booked in!!!
delgirl Posts: 1706
Some crèches are not allowed to take babies and when they do they have to had a certain staff ratio 1:3. Babies are more demanding so some crèches don't facilitate for them at all. I had to book my fella in at 4 months pregnant to get the crèche I wanted. I know how you feel as when you manage to find a crèche that takes babies then I needed one that opened at 7:30. That left me with two choices but thankfully one was lovely and I love it. I think it sometimes depends on if you want full or part-time. I know I got a place because ds is going in full-time and that way they don't have to try and split the week between two babies.
may2008 Posts: 455
the reason they said they are booked till 2010 could be that some creches hold places back for siblings of kids already in creche. in order to be able to facilitate the parents with kids already in the creche they keep back a few places. the creche i use takes 6 babies and has 2 minders. where abouts are you based? there are a good few near me that take babies from 3 months.
cbtb Posts: 413
They are booked up til 2010 because if a baby is due in Jan/Feb 2009 they will be considered a baby in the creche til early 2010. I presume they don't mean they are booked up for all of 2010.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I was very lucky the creche near me only had 2 other babies that she takes part time and i only wanted DD there part time too, so it worked out well for me as most will only take full time.
January Baby Posts: 1427
Hi mrs gk, I work in a creche & at the moment we have 4 rooms woth 6 babies in each. For this we need 10 staff (2 in each room as ratio is 1:3,+2 for covering lunches & staff going home.) We open from 6.30am-7.30pm & I do have at least 5 babies in by 6.45am. We have been told just yesterday that they are getting rid of 1 room, & probably another 1 by the middle of next year. It's all to do with cost, they need extra staff for babies, extra eqiupment cots, bottle warmers, etc. To be honest after working in a creche I woud be a bit more reluctant to put my own baby into one as it's so hard to give them all the individual care they need but every creche is different. I think our's is on the large side. The smaller ones are better as they dont have as many babies so they will get that extra bit of attention & stimulation. I'll be childminding from my own home when this baby comes along. Maybe look into Childminders in your area-it would not be as expensive for you. To put a baby into where I work it costs 1,110euro a month which is set to go up in September.