Credit card bill!!!

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ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Do any of ye worry about your credit card bill/debt? I have always been very good with mine, but been desperate lately!! I always pay more than the minimum payment, but feel like I will never see the end of it O:| O:| O:| :eek :o0
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Bouncyl, do they expect you to clear it in one go? I am so sorry I went so mad on mine, they are impossible to pay back. O:|
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
Always pay it off in full - by only paying minimum you are paying the credit card company way too much interest...................very rarely use credit card - if I can't use my laser then I don't spend the money in 90% of cases.......
Veruca-Salt Posts: 1542
BouncyL, contact them, say you won't be able to pay it off in full but you can pay X amount in a lump sum (if possible), you might find they will accept that offer :wv .
ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Did you look int transferring it to another bank?You can transfer the balance x
snuggler Posts: 1296
Halifax want credit cards to be paid off by end of May or transfer to another provider, if this is not possible for people, they are offering to turn your credit card debt into a persnal loan at a lower interest rate than your credit card interest, hope this helps..was in a branch today
wedded bliss Posts: 303
I have a halifax cc but I don't have a balance on it, I pay it off in full every month to avoid interest. Do I need to get a diff cc with another bank? Are Halifax finishing up altogether??
snuggler Posts: 1296
Hi ! yea, your account will be closed if clear in May, they only keping on mortgage accounts and bigger loans and those who have their credit card debt turned into loans..all current accounts, credit cards will be closed
pawpad Posts: 650
I was getting really stressed out about my credit card for a long time. I was only making minimum payments and was knocking up savage interest. In short, I was getting nowhere. Last week I went to talk with my bank and took out a personal loan to pay off the card in full. It is such a relief to see 0€ on the balance. I also reduced my CC limit to 1000€ so it can never run up into the thousands again.
Krazy Posts: 289
[quote="wedded bliss":1857nl6k]I have a halifax cc but I don't have a balance on it, I pay it off in full every month to avoid interest. Do I need to get a diff cc with another bank? Are Halifax finishing up altogether??[/quote:1857nl6k] where have you been the last couple of weeks?! was all over the news that they're closing!!! I also have cc with Halifax, very near maxed out (limit of €4500 so not good!). but like another poster said, they will transfer the cc to a personal loan if no other bank will take on the outstanding debt. That would be better option as would be much lower rate than cc. I was so p*ssed off because I'd applied for top up on my loan to cover rest of wedding expenses, was approved in principle, and very next day they announced the closure and aren't paying out any further loans. hopefully I win the lotto or something!!! will definitely miss Halifax tho - opened Saturdays, answered the phones straight away, lent us money whenever we asked, always so easy to deal with. Now have to give in proof of my PPS number to even open an account with another bank...back to so much hassle!