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Carebear34 Posts: 55
I just want to post a quick message about the girls on this site looking after the on-line shop. I ordered some product which arrived very quickly but unfortunately there was a small problem and I would not be able to give them as gifts. It only took one phonecall to the office and a very satisfactory solution was found immediately. So credit where credit is due. We Irish are not the best for highlighting problems back to source (we are great though at b***hing to anyone else that will listen). I think this is because of the very poor customer service in this country and we don't think we will get anywhere by complaining. Well hats off to the girls in the on line shop office. Excellent service.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
Hear, hear! We [b:2alnfuh9]should [/b:2alnfuh9]praise good service. We're quick enough to complain when we've had bad service. Thanks for letting us know Carebear34 O:o)
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv What a nice post.. O-O to great service's and happy customers..