Crest White Strips- thumbs up!

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westie Posts: 88
I read about Crest White Strips on here a few weeks ago, and so I gave them a whirl and guess what? They are flipping brilliant! No paying £200 odd pounds for me, these have had a brilliant result in 5 days. I dont work for Crest or anything, I just thought Id let you all know. I got them off EBay. :wv
Sassy Sally Posts: 306
Hi Westie, What are they, I presume they're to do with teeth ?? Sassy :wv
westie Posts: 88
Oh silly me, they are teeth whitening strips that you place on top of your teeth.
murralm Posts: 607
can you get them here??? or uk?????
big day \\\'08! Posts: 482
have to say they r great too
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Interesting. How much are they?
justme Posts: 1700
i used them - got them for about 50euro online. They defo whiten your teeth but not in a too obvious way IYNWIM. A am going to use them again before the wedding.
amalfi Posts: 191
where can you get them/ Are they bad to use if you have sensitive teeth????
justme Posts: 1700 they do make your teeth tingle a bit but just for the few days you are using them
Enchantress Posts: 1509
I defo agree! I got mine on ebay and I couldnt believe the difference! There are some different ones on ebay! Mine wer 14 for top and 14 for bottom - 7 day treatment, use twice a day for half hour each time! Fantastic results :eek