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babyd2bnumber2 Posts: 351
Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some advice on choosing the right crib. All the reviews I'm reading suggest they are rickety and far from soothing or very difficult to assemble O:| I'm keen to get one for my bedroom. Can anyone suggest one worth checking out please? Thank u :)
pag Posts: 633
We got the one in Mamas and Papas and never had any problems with it at all. Yes it might be a little bit more trickey than the cot to set up but not very difficult at all. Friends of ours got one from Smyths and again had no issues. Whether babies like them or not is more individual to them. We found DD didn't really like the space of it until we swaddled her and put a bumper around the crib - worked like a charm then. Also we got much longer out of it than a moses basket. Just have a look in the shops and play with them a little you will see how they work then. The M&P one is a gliding crib so moves on your pushing it. The smyths one seemed to be more of a swinging crib and was more free moving. I prefered the swing of the smyths one to be honest.