Cross Trainer in Dunnes

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Yonka Posts: 148
Did anyone see that they have cross trainers for sale in Dunnes at the mo for €199. Was considering getting one has anyone bought one? They also have cross trainers in Elverys sport for the same price which may be better but was just looking to see if anyone had bought one and if they are worth it (providing you actually use it obviously!) Ta
MrsYippee Posts: 804
Aldi are selling loads of fitness equipment aswell this week - looks good value! :wv
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Got one in 2007 - used it religiously for 4 months (20 mins a day) and found it great. Got ill in September that year and the cross trainer became an extra hanging wardrobe. Going to dust it off now again and get it back in action as I can't walk all the time where I live in fear of being knocked down by underage drivers...not very nice as I love walking. It's great for toning the legs, arms and that part of your back where you get the fat.
ela28 Posts: 2552
it's a great piece of machinery but takes a lot of effort to use it,it's extremely tough going but if you're determined enough n have enough stamina you should be ok