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RollarcoasterBride Posts: 35
Has anybody had their wedding reception in Cruzzos Restaurant, Malahide? I've booked it for my wedding next summer and would love to hear from poeple who've had theirs there? And where did they stay that night after the reception? Love the venue, but am concerned cos we can't just fall up to bed after the night.
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Hi RollercoasterBride, there was another guy in here researching Cruzzos a while back, you'll find the details if you do a search. The Grand hotel is a nice spot to stay afterwards, it's very close to Cruzzos so if you're not into walking back you can hop into a taxi for a small fare. There's also lots of B&Bs around that neck of the woods too, so you and your guests will have pleanty to choose from. There's also the Sands hotel in Portmarnock.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
I was out in Cruzzo for dinner a few months back and enquired about booking it for a wedding (have since booked the Marine in Sutton). The staff in Cruzzo were really helpful and told us that the owner has a private entrance to the Marina so you can have photos taken. It was our 3rd choice for a wedding venue. The Grand is really nearby so you could stay there, alternative IMO the Golf Links in Portmarnock is a little nicer than the Grand so you could always stay there.
sas Posts: 160
Cruzzos is a great setting, the views are fantastic and it is nice and intimate.... I would reccomend the Grand Hotel to stay in, tis only a 5 minute walk from the restaurant......
RollarcoasterBride Posts: 35
Thanks for info girls... will check out the Grand and the Golf Links in Portmarnock too. Can't wait for it now! Really liked it when I went to visit the restraurant and also found the staff very helpful. The only thing that was causing me reservations were the inlaws getting on to me about where they would stay that night (wouldn't mind, we're all from Dublin so you'd think it would be easy!). I'll go check out these hotels and then I can give family and guests details of where to stay if they so wish. And I'll check them out for myself too! :D