Cuba for honeymoon

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PixieH Posts: 80
Hi ladies, Just looking for people's views /opinions about Cuba for honeymoon. Has anyone been there? Looks amazing. We are getting married in August but thinking about not going for a few months. When would be the best time to go? Anyone have recommendations on who to book the trip with? Also, thinking of a few days in Las Vegas, OH really wants to go here. Would this be possible? TIA :)
tiger Posts: 27
Cuba is amazing I have a lot of friends who went there, you can get great deals in the off peak seasons, they would be all inclusive which includes all your alcohol and food, but be sure to tip at least a dollar every time someone brings you a drink, you will be treated like royalty, if not you will be ignored and, Irish people seem to have a problem with tipping but its how its done there. If booking do it sooner rather than later, now that Cuba allows Americans to visit it opens up a new market so prices are only going to go up. Ive never had a friend come back with a bad experience :) as for las vegas if you can afford it why not while your over that side of the world! Go in to trip planner or a dedicated American holiday planner place and they will plan it all out for you, do shop around tho as a friend found 1000 euro difference in two places
PixieH Posts: 80
Thank you Tiger for the reply. It does sound and look like an amazing place! None of my friends have been so haven't anyone close to ask questions to. Will contact a few travel agents and see what kind of plans they can come up with ..... so exciting :o)ll
gohop Posts: 3
Cuba is really fantastic place but it is not for everyone, and you should consider it carefully if choosing it for a Honeymoon. I would definitely recommend it for those looking for something different and intriguing. The cultural aspect of Cuba with a few days in Havana is incredibly interesting for all those culturally inclined while a week or 2 in Varadero to relax at an all inclusive resort is highly recommended to get some rest after your hectic wedding . I was there before and stayed in Havana and Varadero. Havana is a really cool city, it is something like you will never have experienced before with its old cars, cobbled streets and great salsa bars! Varadero is a beach resort. The hotels here are lovely and mostly are on all inclusive basis, so all meals, drinks included. When you are there you can take day trips to Trinidad and other cities which has so much history and culture but quite a bit of the accommodation is pretty basic so you need to be careful where you stay. The breath taking beauty of the Cayo’s, the history of Santa Clara or the Spanish colonial legacy in Cienfuegos & Trinidad. So don’t just sit on the beach, get out there and explore, a Cuba honeymoon with a difference awaits you. If you have any questions I can help you answer, you can contact me on the following, mention that you read this weddings online post we will throw in your Cuba visa for free: Orla Tooher Senior Travel Consultant 01-2412356 [email protected]
MRSDK2B Posts: 46
I know it's probably too late for the bride that posted this but just in case anyone else looks at this thread. Cuba is NOT a good honeymoon destination. We were there, we made the best of the situation and enjoyed our time as much as we could and I agree that Cuba is the kind of place that is cool to see once in your lifetime. However, I'm warning everyone I know not to go there on honeymoon!! We love travelling and seeing the world and that's why we ended up booking Cuba, we're not fragile travellers... we are well used to roughing it. But Cuba is not a honeymoon destination - nothing romantic about it at all!!
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
What did you not like about it? I'd love to go there someday, not planning it for the honeymoon though.
MRSDK2B Posts: 46
It's just not a honeymoon kind of place... now everyone's different but it was not for me. Nothing romantic about it. A big part of a honeymoon is getting dressed up, going for nice romantic dinners, eating good food (because you've probably deprived yourself for months before the wedding!!) and staying in nice hotels. We decided we wanted to do something different because we love to travel and see new places but your honeymoon (it turns out) is different to any other holiday you will take. Don't get me wrong. It's a deadly place to visit, definitely no other place on earth like it, so interesting to see. I know if I visited it another time I'd probably be raving about it. But the food was horrible (i skipped meals, ate dry crackers for lunch, picked at dinners just to survive really) five star hotels were just okay, we were constantly hounded for money, everything was way overpriced, hygiene is a big problem, streets & beaches were really dirty. On the plus side the Cuba Libres were yum, we saw some brilliant places, met some nice people & actually for a few nights we stayed in a casa/home stay and that was really cool (would advise doing Cuba as a backpackers holiday and stay in Casas the whole time as you get to see real cuba, plus the hotels are way overpriced and not even nice)!! Oh and we also came home with a massive appreciation for the wonderful country we live in!!