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TM2007 Posts: 178
I have bought cufflinks for all the bridal party except one of the grooms men .. anyone know where I can buy some with Grooms man written on them ... thanks ladies
ainm Posts: 2211
They have laods on ebay and i [i:3o3eyqod]think[/i:3o3eyqod] H Samuel do them.
Nolongerwollie Posts: 2181
Did you try ?
gogglebox Posts: 910
There's someone on eBay who sells all sorts of cufflinks and definitely has grooms man ones - in fact I think a few types. I bought some ordinary ones from him recently to see what the quality is like before getting some for the boys for the wedding, and I have to say the quality was fab. The company was called Gifts To Remember and I think the eBay ID starts something like GTR... (they're in the UK) Have a search for them and see what you come up with, but definitely recommend the quality of the cufflinks.
TM2007 Posts: 178
thanks .. I'll check them out .. :thnk
gogglebox Posts: 910
This is the eBay seller that I bought from before - I just noticed they're actually usher ones and don't say grooms man, but here's the link anyway Just did another search on eBay and found these ones that say Grooms Man
Cork_girl Posts: 525
I heard about this website from a magazine: [url:3qwvvmjg][/url:3qwvvmjg] I've not actually ordered from there, but probably will do closer to the time. HTH
machine11 Posts: 3
Like the others said --- ebay ebay ebay! The best place for really unique cufflinks -- now you can check out etsy as well :)